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Phylogenetic datasets


anoletree is a phylogeny of Greater Antillean anole species with a mapped discrete character - ecomorph class. is a data frame of morphological characters. Data and tree are from Mahler et al. (2010).

flatworm.tree and are a phylogeny and dataset of habitat preferences for flatworms from Benitez-Alvarez et al. (2000). flatworm.tree has been made ultrametric using penalized likelihood.

mammal.tree and are the phylogeny and dataset for mammal body size and home range size from Garland et al. (1992).

salamanders is a phylogeny of Plethodon salamanders from Highton and Larson (1979). According to Wikipedia, the genus Plethodon contains 55 species in total.

sunfish.tree and are the phylogeny and dataset for Centrarchidae and buccal morphology (respectively) from Revell and Collar (2009).

vertebrate.tree is a time-calibrated phylogeny of vertebrates and is a dataset of phenotypic traits. The phylogeny is from (Hedges et al. 2006).

wasp.trees and are the phylogeny and host-parasite associations from Lopez-Vaamonde et al. (2001).




anoletree is an object of class "simmap". is a data frame.

flatworm.tree is an object of class "phylo". is a data frame.

mammal.tree is an object of class "phylo". is a data frame.

salamanders is an object of class "phylo".

sunfish.tree is an object of class "simmap". is a data frame.

vertebrate.tree is an object of class "phylo". is a data frame.

wasp.trees is an object of class "multiPhylo". is a data frame.


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