Anglesea: Example 2 from Hedges, Pustejovsky, & Shadish (2012)

AngleseaR Documentation

Example 2 from Hedges, Pustejovsky, & Shadish (2012)


Data from an ABAB design conducted by Anglesea, Hoch, & Taylor (2008). The variables are as follows:

  • case Case identifier.

  • condition Factor indicating baseline or treatment condition

  • phase Study phase (including both control and treatment condition)

  • session Measurement occasion

  • outcome Total seconds of eating time


A data frame with 55 rows and 5 variables


Anglesea, M. M., Hoch, H., & Taylor, B. A. (2008). Reducing rapid eating in teenagers with autism: Use of a pager prompt. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41(1), 107-111. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1901/jaba.2008.41-107")}


Hedges, L. V., Pustejovsky, J. E., & Shadish, W. R. (2012). A standardized mean difference effect size for single case designs. Research Synthesis Methods, 3, 224-239. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1002/jrsm.1052")}

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