Salazar: Salazar, et al. (2020)

SalazarR Documentation

Salazar, et al. (2020)


Data from a multiple baseline design conducted by Salazar, Ruiz, Ramírez1, & Cardona-Betancourt (2020). The variables are as follows:

  • case. Participant identifier.

  • measure. Outcome measure description (AFQ-Y, PTQ-C, or GPQ-C).

  • treatment Factor indicating baseline, treatment, post, or follow-up phase.

  • time. Measurement occasion.

  • outcome. Outcome scores.


A data frame with 324 rows and 5 variables


Salazar, D., Ruiz, F., Ramírez, E., & Cardona-Betancourt, V. (2020). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Focused on Repetitive Negative Thinking for Child Depression: A Randomized Multiple-Baseline Evaluation. The Psychological Record. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1007/s40732-019-00362-5")}

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