Man pages for sequoia
Pedigree Inference from SNPs

CheckGenocheck GenoM
DyadCompareCompare dyads
EstConfEstimate confidence probability
FindFamiliesAssign family IDs
GenoConvertConvert genotype file
LHConvertExtract sex and birthyear from PLINK file
LH_HSg5Example life history file
MakeAgepriorAge priors
MergeFillspecial merge
orderLHOrder lifehistory data
PedCompareCompare two Pedigrees
Ped_HSg5Example pedigree
PedStripFIDbacktransform IDs
rcFind siblings
SeqDupCheck data for duplicates.
SeqParSibFortran wrapper
sequoiaPedigree Reconstruction
SibMatchFind the closest matching inferred sibship to a true sibship
SimGenoSimulated genotypes
SimGeno_exampleExample genotype file
SnpStatsSNP summary statistics
VcompCompare two vectors
writeColumnswrite data to a file column-wise
writeSeqwrite sequoia output to excel or text files
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