Man pages for sequoia
Pedigree Inference from SNPs

CalcChi2Perform chi-square test on observed vs expected genotypes
CalcMaxMismatchMaximum number of mismatches
CalcOHLLRcalculate OH and LLR
CalcSnpdBothSNPs scored in both individuals
CheckGenocheck GenoM
CheckLHcheck LifeHistData
ComparePairsComparison of all pairwise relationships in 2 pedigrees
DoErrorsSimulate genotyping errors
DuplicateCheckCheck data for duplicates.
DyadCompareCompare dyads
ErrToMGenerate error matrix
EstConfEstimate confidence probability
EstErrEstimate genotyping error rate
FindFamiliesAssign family IDs
GenoConvertConvert genotype data
getAssignCatAssignability of reference pedigree
getGenerationsCount generations
GetMaybeRelFind putative relatives
GetRelCatPairwise relationship
InheritInheritance patterns
LHConvertExtract sex and birthyear from PLINK file
LH_HSg5Example life history file
MakeAgePriorAge priors
MergeFillspecial merge
MkGenoErrorsSimulate genotyping errors
orderLHOrder lifehistory data
PedCompareCompare two Pedigrees
Ped_griffinExample pedigree: griffins
Ped_HSg5Example pedigree
PedPolishPedigree fix
PedStripFIDbacktransform IDs
PlotAgePriorPlot age priors
plot.seqPlot summary overview of sequoia output
rcFind siblings
SeqOUT_griffinExample sequoia output (griffins)
SeqParSibFortran wrapper for pedigree reconstruction
sequoiaPedigree Reconstruction
SibMatchFind the closest matching inferred sibship to a true sibship
SimGenoSimulated genotypes
SimGeno_exampleExample genotype file
SnpStatsSNP summary statistics
SummarySeqSummarise sequoia output or pedigree
VcompCompare two vectors
writeColumnswrite data to a file column-wise
writeSeqwrite sequoia output to excel or text files
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