Man pages for spatstat.explore
Exploratory Data Analysis for the 'spatstat' Family

adaptive.densityAdaptive Estimate of Intensity of Point Pattern
allstatsCalculate four standard summary functions of a point pattern.
alltypesCalculate Summary Statistic for All Types in a Multitype... Envelope to Data Frame
as.function.fvConvert Function Value Table to Function
as.function.rhohatConvert Function Table to Function
as.fvConvert Data To Class fv
as.owin.quadrattestConvert Data To Class owin
as.tessConvert Data To Tessellation
aucArea Under ROC Curve
berman.testBerman's Tests for Point Process Model
bind.fvCombine Function Value Tables
bits.envelopeGlobal Envelopes for Balanced Independent Two-Stage Test
bits.testBalanced Independent Two-Stage Monte Carlo Test
blurApply Gaussian Blur to a Pixel Image
boyceBoyce Index
bw.abramAbramson's Adaptive Bandwidths
bw.abram.pppAbramson's Adaptive Bandwidths For Spatial Point Pattern
bw.CvLCronie and van Lieshout's Criterion for Bandwidth Selection...
bw.CvL.adaptiveSelect Adaptive Bandwidth for Kernel Estimation Using...
bw.CvLHeatBandwidth Selection for Diffusion Smoother by Cronie-van...
bw.diggleCross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density
bw.fracBandwidth Selection Based on Window Geometry
bw.optim.objectClass of Optimized Bandwidths
bw.pcfCross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Pair Correlation...
bw.pplLikelihood Cross Validation Bandwidth Selection for Kernel...
bw.pplHeatBandwidth Selection for Diffusion Smoother by Likelihood...
bw.relriskCross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Relative Risk...
bw.scottScott's Rule for Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density
bw.smoothpppCross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Spatial Smoothing
bw.stoyanStoyan's Rule of Thumb for Bandwidth Selection
CDFCumulative Distribution Function From Kernel Density Estimate
cdf.testSpatial Distribution Test for Point Pattern or Point Process...
circdensityDensity Estimation for Circular Data
clarkevansClark and Evans Aggregation Index
clarkevans.testClark and Evans Test
clustersetAllard-Fraley Estimator of Cluster Feature
collapse.fvCollapse Several Function Tables into One
compatible.faspTest Whether Function Arrays Are Compatible
compatible.fvTest Whether Function Objects Are Compatible
compileCDFGeneric Calculation of Cumulative Distribution Function of...
compileKGeneric Calculation of K Function and Pair Correlation...
cov.imCovariance and Correlation between Images
dclf.progressProgress Plot of Test of Spatial Pattern
dclf.sigtraceSignificance Trace of Cressie-Loosmore-Ford or Maximum...
dclf.testDiggle-Cressie-Loosmore-Ford and Maximum Absolute Deviation...
densityAdaptiveKernelAdaptive Kernel Estimate of Intensity of Point Pattern
densityAdaptiveKernel.splitpppAdaptive Kernel Estimate of Intensity for Split Point Pattern
densityfunKernel Estimate of Intensity as a Spatial Function
densityHeatDiffusion Estimate of Point Pattern Intensity
densityHeat.pppDiffusion Estimate of Point Pattern Intensity
density.pppKernel Smoothed Intensity of Point Pattern
density.pspKernel Smoothing of Line Segment Pattern
density.splitpppKernel Smoothed Intensity of Split Point Pattern
densityVoronoiIntensity Estimate of Point Pattern Using Voronoi-Dirichlet...
deriv.fvCalculate Derivative of Function Values
dg.envelopeGlobal Envelopes for Dao-Genton Test
dg.progressProgress Plot of Dao-Genton Test of Spatial Pattern
dg.sigtraceSignificance Trace of Dao-Genton Test
dg.testDao-Genton Adjusted Goodness-Of-Fit Test
dimhatEstimate Dimension of Central Subspace
distcdfDistribution Function of Interpoint Distance
dkernelKernel distributions and random generation
domain.quadrattestExtract the Domain of any Spatial Object
edge.RipleyRipley's Isotropic Edge Correction
edge.TransTranslation Edge Correction
EmarkDiagnostics for random marking
envelopeSimulation Envelopes of Summary Function
envelopeArrayArray of Simulation Envelopes of Summary Function
envelope.envelopeRecompute Envelopes
envelope.pp3Simulation Envelopes of Summary Function for 3D Point Pattern
eval.faspEvaluate Expression Involving Function Arrays
eval.fvEvaluate Expression Involving Functions
Extract.faspExtract Subset of Function Array
Extract.fvExtract or Replace Subset of Function Values
Extract.ssfSubset of spatially sampled function
F3estEmpty Space Function of a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern
fasp.objectFunction Arrays for Spatial Patterns
FestEstimate the Empty Space Function or its Hazard Rate
FinhomInhomogeneous Empty Space Function
FmultiInhomInhomogeneous Marked F-Function
formula.fvExtract or Change the Plot Formula for a Function Value Table
fryplotFry Plot of Point Pattern
fvCreate a Function Value Table
fvnamesAbbreviations for Groups of Columns in Function Value Table
fv.objectFunction Value Table
G3estNearest Neighbour Distance Distribution Function of a...
GcrossMultitype Nearest Neighbour Distance Function (i-to-j)
Gcross.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype G Cross Function
GdotMultitype Nearest Neighbour Distance Function (i-to-any)
Gdot.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype G Dot Function
GestNearest Neighbour Distance Function G
GfoxFoxall's Distance Functions
GinhomInhomogeneous Nearest Neighbour Function
GmultiMarked Nearest Neighbour Distance Function
GmultiInhomInhomogeneous Marked G-Function
harmonise.fvMake Function Tables Compatible
HestSpherical Contact Distribution Function
hopskelHopkins-Skellam Test
hotboxHeat Kernel for a Two-Dimensional Rectangle
idwInverse-distance weighted smoothing of observations at...
IestEstimate the I-function
increment.fvIncrements of a Function
integral.fvCompute Integral of Function Object
JcrossMultitype J Function (i-to-j)
Jcross.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype J function (i-to-j)
JdotMultitype J Function (i-to-any)
Jdot.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype J function (i-to-any)
JestEstimate the J-function
JinhomInhomogeneous J-function
JmultiMarked J Function
Jmulti.inhomInhomogeneous Marked J-Function
K3estK-function of a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern
kaplan.meierKaplan-Meier Estimator using Histogram Data
KcrossMultitype K Function (Cross-type)
Kcross.inhomInhomogeneous Cross K Function
KdotMultitype K Function (i-to-any)
Kdot.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype K Dot Function
kernel.factorScale factor for density kernel
kernel.momentIncomplete Moment of Smoothing Kernel
kernel.squintIntegral of Squared Kernel
Kest.fftK-function using FFT
KinhomInhomogeneous K-function
KmarkMark-Weighted K Function
KmeasureReduced Second Moment Measure
km.rsKaplan-Meier and Reduced Sample Estimator using Histograms
KmultiMarked K-Function
Kmulti.inhomInhomogeneous Marked K-Function
KscaledLocally Scaled K-function
KsectorSector K-function
laslettLaslett's Transform
LcrossMultitype L-function (cross-type)
Lcross.inhomInhomogeneous Cross Type L Function
LdotMultitype L-function (i-to-any)
Ldot.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype L Dot Function
LinhomInhomogeneous L-function
localKNeighbourhood density function
localKcrossLocal Multitype K Function (Cross-Type)
localKcross.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype K Function
localKdotLocal Multitype K Function (Dot-Type)
localKinhomInhomogeneous Neighbourhood Density Function
localpcfLocal pair correlation function
lohbootBootstrap Confidence Bands for Summary Function
markconnectMark Connection Function
markcorrMark Correlation Function
markcrosscorrMark Cross-Correlation Function
markmarkscatterMark-Mark Scatter Plot
marktableTabulate Marks in Neighbourhood of Every Point in a Point...
markvarioMark Variogram
Math.faspS3 Group Generic Methods for Function Arrays
Math.fvS3 Group Generic Methods for Function Tables
methods.rho2hatMethods for Intensity Functions of Two Spatial Covariates
methods.rhohatMethods for Intensity Functions of Spatial Covariate
methods.ssfMethods for Spatially Sampled Functions
miplotMorisita Index Plot
nncleanNearest Neighbour Clutter Removal
nncorrNearest-Neighbour Correlation Indices of Marked Point Pattern
nndensityEstimate Intensity of Point Pattern Using Nearest Neighbour...
nnorientNearest Neighbour Orientation Distribution
pairMeanMean of a Function of Interpoint Distance
pairorientPoint Pair Orientation Distribution
pairs.imScatterplot Matrix for Pixel Images
panel.contourPanel Plots using Colour Image or Contour Lines
pcfPair Correlation Function
pcf3estPair Correlation Function of a Three-Dimensional Point...
pcfcrossMultitype pair correlation function (cross-type)
pcfcross.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function...
pcfdotMultitype pair correlation function (i-to-any)
pcfdot.inhomInhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function...
pcf.faspPair Correlation Function obtained from array of K functions
pcf.fvPair Correlation Function obtained from K Function
pcfinhomInhomogeneous Pair Correlation Function
pcfmultiMarked pair correlation function
pcf.pppPair Correlation Function of Point Pattern
plot.bermantestPlot Result of Berman Test
plot.cdftestPlot a Spatial Distribution Test
plot.envelopePlot a Simulation Envelope
plot.faspPlot a Function Array
plot.fvPlot Function Values
plot.laslettPlot Laslett Transform
plot.quadrattestDisplay the result of a quadrat counting test.
plot.scan.testPlot Result of Scan Test
plot.ssfPlot a Spatially Sampled Function
plot.studpermutestPlot a Studentised Permutation Test
poolPool Data
pool.anylistPool Data from a List of Objects
pool.envelopePool Data from Several Envelopes
pool.faspPool Data from Several Function Arrays
pool.fvPool Several Functions
pool.quadrattestPool Several Quadrat Tests
pool.ratPool Data from Several Ratio Objects
PPversionTransform a Function into its P-P or Q-Q Version
quadrat.testDispersion Test for Spatial Point Pattern Based on Quadrat...
quadrat.test.splitpppDispersion Test of CSR for Split Point Pattern Based on...
quantile.densityQuantiles of a Density Estimate
radcumintRadial Cumulative Integral
ratRatio object
rectcontactContact Distribution Function using Rectangular Structuring...
reduced.sampleReduced Sample Estimator using Histogram Data
reload.or.computeCompute Unless Previously Saved
relriskEstimate of Spatially-Varying Relative Risk
relrisk.pppNonparametric Estimate of Spatially-Varying Relative Risk
rho2hatSmoothed Relative Density of Pairs of Covariate Values
rhohatNonparametric Estimate of Intensity as Function of a...
rocReceiver Operating Characteristic
roseRose Diagram
rotmeanRotational Average of a Pixel Image
scanLRTSLikelihood Ratio Test Statistic for Scan Test
scan.testSpatial Scan Test
sdrSufficient Dimension Reduction
sdrPredictCompute Predictors from Sufficient Dimension Reduction
segregation.testTest of Spatial Segregation of Types
sharpenData Sharpening of Point Pattern
SmoothSpatial smoothing of data
Smoothfun.pppSmooth Interpolation of Marks as a Spatial Function
Smooth.fvApply Smoothing to Function Values
Smooth.pppSpatial smoothing of observations at irregular points
Smooth.ssfSmooth a Spatially Sampled Function
spatcovEstimate the Spatial Covariance Function of a Random Field
spatialcdfSpatial Cumulative Distribution Function
SpatialMedian.pppSpatially Weighted Median of Values at Points
SpatialQuantileSpatially Weighted Median or Quantile
SpatialQuantile.pppSpatially Weighted Quantile of Values at Points
spatstat.explore-deprecatedDeprecated spatstat.explore functions
spatstat.explore-internalInternal spatstat.explore functions
spatstat.explore-packageThe spatstat.explore Package
ssfSpatially Sampled Function
stieltjesCompute Integral of Function Against Cumulative Distribution
stienenStienen Diagram
studpermu.testStudentised Permutation Test
subspaceDistanceDistance Between Linear Spaces
thresholdCIConfidence Interval for Threshold of Numerical Predictor
thresholdSelectSelect Threshold to Convert Numerical Predictor to Binary...
transect.imPixel Values Along a Transect
TstatThird order summary statistic
varblockEstimate Variance of Summary Statistic by Subdivision
Window.quadrattestExtract Window of Spatial Object
with.fvEvaluate an Expression in a Function Table
with.ssfEvaluate Expression in a Spatially Sampled Function
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