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MeinteR (MEthylation INTERpretation) is an R package that identifies critical differentially methylated sites, based on the following hypothesis: Critical methylation-mediated changes are more likely in genomic regions enriched in cis-acting regulatory elements than in genomic “deserts”. MeinteR calculates the abundance of co-localized elements, such as transcription factor binding sites, tentative splice sites, and other DNA features, such as G-quadruplexes and palindromes that potentially lead to distinct DNA conformational features and rank them with respect to their putative methylation impact.

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To install MeinteR and all its dependencies install and load devtools.

Local installation First, download the binary distribution of the package, unzip it to a local folder and run the following commands:

#Set folder of the package
package.folder <- "~/MeinteR"

Install from GitHub

MeinteR and its dependencies can be directly installed from GitHub using devtools:


Source code for use cases

Use Case 1: Genome-wide association of G-quadruplexes with DNA methylation using TCGA/GEO breast cancer datasets

Use Case 2: Evaluation of genomic signatures on cancer methylation profiles

Use Case 3: Associating genomic DMS signatures with gene expression

Demo run

rm(list = ls())
#Reorder columns of sample dataset
re.sample <- reorderBed(sample, 1, 2, 3, 5, 4)
#Select sites with delta-beta > 0.50 <- re.sample[re.sample$score >= 0.50,] 
#Find overlaps with alternative splicing events
altSS <- findAltSplicing(
#Find overlaps with splice sites
ss <- findSpliceSites(, persim = 0.8, offset = 10)
#Find palindromic sequences
pals <- findPals(
#Find G-quadruplexes
quads <- findQuads(, offset = 50)
#Find overlaps with "MA0107.1", "MA0098", "MA115.1", "MA0131.2 transcription factors
tfbs <-
    target = "all",
    tf.ID = c("MA0107.1", "MA0098", "MA115.1", "MA0131.2")
#Find overlaps with conserved transcription factors. ~71MB gzipped file 
#will be downloaded if local path is not set.
ctfbs <- findConservedTFBS(
#Find overlaps with DNA shape features
shapes <- findShapes(
#Feature weights
weights = list()
weights[["spls"]] = 1
weights[["ctfbs"]] = 1
weights[["tfbs"]] = 1
weights[["pals"]] = 1
weights[["quads"]] = 1
weights[["shapes"]] = 1
#Mapping MeinteR arguments with function outputs
funList = list()
funList[["spls"]] = ss
funList[["altss"]] = altSS
funList[["tfbs"]] = tfbs
funList[["ctfbs"]] = ctfbs
funList[["pals"]] = pals
funList[["quads"]] = quads
funList[["shapes"]] = shapes
#Calculate genomic index
index <- meinter(re.sample, funList, weights)


A. Malousi et al. "MeinteR: A framework to prioritize DNA methylation aberrations based on conformational and cis-regulatory element enrichment" (submitted)

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