Man pages for biospi/deamass
Statistical modelling for mass spectrometry omics

assemble_report-seaMass_sigma-methodGenerate html report
delta_control-classControl parameters for seaMass-Δ
dinakaProbability density function of an inverse nakagami...
dist_inakafit inverse nakagami distribution with fitdistrplus, note our...
dist_lstfit location-scale t distribution with fitdistrplus
dist_normalfit normal distribution with fitdistrplus
dist_normal_robustsummarise using median/mad
dist_samples_inakafit scaled inverse chi distribution
dist_samples_lstfit location-scale t distribution
dist_samples_lst_ashfit location-scale t distribution for ash (minimum df = 2)
dist_samples_normalfit normal distribution with fitdistrplus
dist_samples_robust_normalfit normal distribution with fitdistrplus
dist_sf_with_fixed_df1_fitdistrplusfit scaled F distribution with per-datapoint fixed df1 with...
dlstProbability density function of a location-scale t...
generate_markdown-seaMass-methodGenerate Rmarkdown for figure
import_DIANNImport DIA-NN data
import_MaxQuantImport MaxQuant LF data
import_MaxQuant_evidence0Import MaxQuant LF data
import_MaxQuant_peptidesImport MaxQuant LF data
import_MSqRobImport MaxQuant LF data
import_MSstatsImport data outputed by an MSstats import routine
import_OpenSWATHImport OpenSWATH data
import_ProgenesisImport Waters Progenesis data
import_ProteinPilotImport SCIEX ProteinPilot data
import_ProteomeDiscovererImport Thermo ProteomeDiscoverer data
lingofy-seaMass-methodConvert to local lingo
new_assay_designSpecify study design for imported dataset
pinakaCumulative distribution function (CDF) of an inverse nakagami...
plot_assay_stdevs-seaMass_sigma-method#' @import data.table #' @export #' @include generics.R...
plot_fdr-seaMass_delta-methodAdd together two numbers.
plot_pr-seaMass_delta-methodPrecision-Recall plot
plot_robust_pca-seaMass-methodPlot robust PCA fit
plot_volcano-seaMass_delta-methodVolcano plot
plstCumulative distribution function (CDF) of a location-scale t...
qinakaQuantile function (inverse CDF) of an inverse nakagami...
qlstQuantile function (inverse CDF) of a location-scale t...
render_markdown-seaMass-methodRender Rmarkdown
robust_pca-seaMass-methodRobust PCA fit
runsImported dataset run information
schedule_local-classSchedule seaMass to run locally
schedule_pbs-classSchedule seaMass to run on PBS
schedule_sge-classSchedule seaMass to run on SGE
schedule_slurm-classSchedule seaMass to run on SLURM
seaMass-classseaMass class
seaMass_group_quants-classseaMass group quants class
sigma_block-classseaMass-Σ block
sigma_control-classControl parameters for seaMass-Σ
squeeze_stdevOur squeezeVar function - works for small DF unlike Limma...
squeeze_stdev_limmaLimma squeezeVar function
theta_block-classseaMass-theta block
theta_control-classControl parameters for seaMass-theta
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