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Transform a sparse upper triangular matrix to a full Hi-C contact matrix


sparse2full will transform a sparse upper triangular Hi-C matrix to a full Hi-C chromatin contact matrix. If you are entering a simple sparse matrix, i.e. there are only 3 columns leave hic.table = FALSE and = NA. If you wish to transform a Hi-C matrix in hic.table object format into a full matrix then set hic.table = TRUE. You will then need to specify the column name that you wish to be entered as the values for the cells in the full matrix using the option.


sparse2full(sparse.mat, hic.table = FALSE, = NA)



A matrix in sparse upper triangular format.


Logical, is your sparse.mat a hic.table?

Character, Required if hic.table set to TRUE; The column name of the hic.table that you want placed into the cells of the full matrix. i.e. IF1, or p.value.


A full Hi-C contact Matrix.


full.mat <- sparse2full(NHEK.chr22)

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