Man pages for fredysiegrist/statanacoseq
Statistical Analyses of Codon Usage in Custom Genome Sequences

aa_acAminoacids and Anticodons
anticodoncountCalculate Global Anticodon Usage
areoptsOptimality Decision for Codons of Custom Genome
checkCDSChecks Integrity of CDS Sequence
CodonProbCodon Probability table
CodonProbabilitiesCodon Probabilities
CodonUsageTable for Codon Usage and Optimality of Codons
ComputeCAICodon Adaptation Index
ComputeCAIVectorCodon Adaptation Index Vector
ComputeCarboneRACompute Carbone Relative Adaptiveness
ComputeCBICodon Bias Index
ComputeFopFrequency of Optimal Codons
ComputeGC12synGC content 1st and 2nd position of synonymous codons
ComputeGC3synGC content 3rd position of synonymous codons
ComputeNECEffective number of codons
countcodonfreqCount Codon Frequency
FindHighlyExpressedGenesFind Highly Expressed Genes
GtRNAdb2speciesViruses, Eukaryota, Archaea, Bacteria Species Names on...
movingAverageCalculating a Moving Average
mylistMy List of Nucleotide-Sequences and Aminoacid-Sequences
NucleotideContentNucleotide Content
plotOCUPlot of Optimality Score for Codons in a Single Protein
readfastaProcessed tRNA Containing Fasta File Headers to Count...
readintronicRead tRNA Intronic Gene Count Statistics
readstatsRead tRNA Gene Count Statistics
readtRNAoutRead tRNA Gene Count Statistics
RelativeAdaptivenessCompute Relative Adaptiveness
reversecomplementReverse Complement Anticodon
RSCURelative Synonymous Codon Usage
ScaledChiSquareScaled Chi-Square
searchfafileSearch and Return a Fasta File Name from Partial Name
SetupRARelative Synonymous Codon Usage
SilentSiteCompositionBase Composition at Silent Sites
TefOptimal Codon Table for Eragostis tef Decided on tRNAscan-SE...
veabViruses, Eukaryota, Archaea, Bacteria Species File Names on...
veabfaViruses, Eukaryota, Archaea, Bacteria Species Fasta File...
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