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Raw South Atlantic (Southeast US)

Raw data set for the South Atlantic (Southeast US) bottom trawl survey




A dim = 351427 x 62 data.table data.frame:

[,1] COLLECTIONNUMBER integer insert_description_here
[,2] PROJECTNAME character insert_description_here
[,3] PROJECTAGENCY character insert_description_here
[,4] DATE character cleans up to date, date of the tow
[,5] EVENTNAME integer cleans up to haulid, a unique identifier for the haul; vessel ID - cruise ID - haul number
[,6] VESSELNAME character cleans up to vessel, vessel ID
[,7] GEARNAME character insert_description_here
[,8] GEARCODE integer insert_description_here
[,9] SPECIESCODE integer64 insert_description_here
[,10] MRRI_CODE character insert_description_here
[,11] SPECIESSCIENTIFICNAME character cleans up to spp, species scientific name; Genus species
[,12] SPECIESCOMMONNAME character cleans up to common, the common name of the organism sampled
[,13] NUMBERTOTAL integer cleans up to cnt, number of individuals in the whole net (may be extrapolated)
[,14] SPECIESTOTALWEIGHT numeric cleans up to weight, the weight (mass) of all items in the net (may be extrapolated)
[,15] SPECIESSUBWEIGHT numeric insert_description_here
[,16] SPECIESWGTPROCESSED numeric insert_description_here
[,17] WEIGHTMETHODDESC character insert_description_here
[,18] ORGWTUNITS character insert_description_here
[,19] EFFORT numeric cleans up to effort, some measure of the effort for this catch; could be area, time, speed, net size, or some combination. When possible, was converted to area swept by net during the entire tow
[,20] CATCHSUBSAMPLED logical insert_description_here
[,21] CATCHWEIGHT numeric insert_description_here
[,22] CATCHSUBWEIGHT numeric insert_description_here
[,23] TIMESTART character cleans up to time, starting time of the tow
[,24] DURATION integer cleans up to towduration, the duration (time) for the tow
[,25] TOWTYPETEXT character insert_description_here
[,26] LOCATION character insert_description_here
[,27] REGION character insert_description_here
[,28] DEPTHZONE character insert_description_here
[,29] ACCSPGRIDCODE character insert_description_here
[,30] STATIONCODE character cleans up to stratum, the statistical stratum of the haul
[,31] EVENTTYPEDESCRIPTION character insert_description_here
[,32] TEMPSURFACE numeric cleans up to stemp, water temperature at the surface at the location of the haul
[,33] TEMPBOTTOM numeric cleans up to btemp, water temperature at the bottom at the location of the haul
[,34] SALINITYSURFACE numeric cleans up to ssalin, surface salinity
[,35] SALINITYBOTTOM numeric cleans up to bsalin, bottom salinity
[,36] SDO logical cleans up to sdo, surface dissolved oxygen
[,37] BDO logical cleans up to bdo, bottom dissolved oxygen
[,38] TEMPAIR numeric cleans up to airtemp, air temperature
[,39] LATITUDESTART numeric insert_description_here
[,40] LATITUDEEND numeric insert_description_here
[,41] LONGITUDESTART numeric insert_description_here
[,42] LONGITUDEEND numeric insert_description_here
[,43] SPECSTATUSDESCRIPTION character insert_description_here
[,44] LASTUPDATED character insert_description_here
[,45] LIGHTPHASE character insert_description_here
[,46] TIMEZONE character cleans up to timezone, time zone
[,47] DEPTHSTART integer insert_description_here
[,48] DEPTHEND integer insert_description_here
[,49] PRESSURE numeric insert_description_here
[,50] WINDSPEED integer cleans up to wind, wind speed (?)
[,51] WINDDIRECTION integer insert_description_here
[,52] WAVEHEIGHT integer insert_description_here
[,53] PRECIPITATION logical insert_description_here
[,54] ESTIMATEDLOC logical insert_description_here
[,55] SEDSIZEDESC character insert_description_here
[,56] BTMCOMPDESC logical insert_description_here
[,57] WEATHERDESC logical insert_description_here
[,58] WATERLVLDESC logical insert_description_here
[,59] ALTERATIONDESC logical insert_description_here
[,60] ACTIVITYDESC logical insert_description_here
[,61] NUMBERREP logical insert_description_here
[,62] COMMENTS logical insert_description_here

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