LowMACA: LowMACA - Low frequency Mutation Analysis via Consensus Alignment

The LowMACA package is a simple suite of tools to investigate and analyze the mutation profile of several proteins or pfam domains via consensus alignment. You can conduct an hypothesis driven exploratory analysis using our package simply providing a set of genes or pfam domains of your interest.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorStefano de Pretis , Giorgio Melloni
Bioconductor views Alignment DataImport MultipleSequenceAlignment SequenceMatching Sequencing SomaticMutation WholeGenome
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerStefano de Pretis <ste.depo@gmail.com>, Giorgio Melloni <melloni.giorgio@gmail.com>

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lfmSingleSequence Man page
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lmParams,LowMACA-method Man page
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lmPlot,LowMACA-method Man page
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parallelize,LowMACA-method Man page
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protter,LowMACA-method Man page
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