lumi.package: A package for preprocessing Illumina microarray data

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lumi R package is designed to preprocess the Illumina microarray (BeadArray) data. It includes functions of Illumina data input, quality control, variance stabilization, normalization and gene annotation.


Package: lumi
Type: Package
Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2007-03-23
License: LGPL version 2 or newer


Pan Du, Simon Lin Maintainer: Pan Du <>


1. Du, P., Kibbe, W.A. and Lin, S.M., (2008) 'lumi: a pipeline for processing Illumina microarray', Bioinformatics 24(13):1547-1548

2. Lin, S.M., Du, P., Kibbe, W.A., (2008) 'Model-based Variance-stabilizing Transformation for Illumina Microarray Data', Nucleic Acids Res. 36, e11

3. Du, P., Kibbe, W.A. and Lin, S.M., (2007) 'nuID: A universal naming schema of oligonucleotides for Illumina, Affymetrix, and other microarrays', Biology Direct, 2, 16

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