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Run the zero-inflated log-normal model given a MRexperiment object and model matrix. Not for the average user, assumes structure of the model matrix.


fitZeroLogNormal(obj, mod, coef = 2, szero = TRUE, spos = TRUE)



A MRexperiment object with count data.


The model for the count distribution.


Coefficient of interest to grab log fold-changes.


TRUE/FALSE, shrink zero component parameters.


TRUE/FALSE, shrink positive component parameters.


A list of objects including:

  • logFC - the log fold-change estimates

  • adjFactor - the adjustment factor based on the zero component

  • se - standard error estimates

  • fitln - parameters from the log-normal fit

  • fitzero - parameters from the logistic fit

  • zeroRidge - output from the ridge regression

  • posRidge - output from the ridge regression

  • tauPos - estimated tau^2 for positive component

  • tauZero - estimated tau^2 for zero component

  • exclude - features to exclude for various reasons, e.g. all zeros

  • zeroExclude - features to exclude for various reasons, e.g. all zeros

See Also

cumNorm fitFeatureModel

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