Man pages for synergyfinder
Calculate and Visualize Synergy Scores for Drug Combinations

BaselineCorrectionSDBaseline correction for the dose-response matrix of drug...
BlissSynergy score based on Bliss model
CalculateSynergyCalculate the synergy scores for drug combinations
FittingSingleDrugFitting single drug dose-response curve
HSAHSA synergy score based on highest single agent (HSA) model
LoeweDelta synergy score based on Loewe model
mathews_screening_dataA high-throughput drug combination screening data
PlotDoseResponseVisualize the drug combination dose-response data
PlotSynergyDrug interaction landscape
ReshapeDataTransform the response data from the data frame format to...
ZIPDelta synergy score based on zero interaction potency (ZIP)...
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