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DAISIE_numcolR Documentation

The expectation and marginal distribution of the number of colonizations (lineages) under the DAISIE model


This function calculates expectation and marginal distribution of the number of colonizations (lineages) for a given set of parameter values, a given mainland species pool size and a given set of times


DAISIE_numcol(pars1, pars2, tvec, initEI = NULL)



Vector of model parameters:

pars1[1] corresponds to lambda^c (cladogenesis rate)
pars1[2] corresponds to mu (extinction rate)
pars1[3] corresponds to K (clade-level carrying capacity)
pars1[4] corresponds to gamma (immigration rate)
pars1[5] corresponds to lambda^a (anagenesis rate).


Vector of settings:

pars2[1] corresponds to res, the maximum number of endemics or non-endemics for which the ODE system is solved; this must be much larger than the actual number for which the probability needs to be calculated.)
pars2[2] corresponds to M, size of the mainland pool, i.e the number of species that can potentially colonize the island.


The times at which the probabilities need to be computed.


The initial values for the number of endemics and non-endemics. In DAISIE_probdist() or DAISIE_margprobdist() either this or initprobs must be NULL. In DAISIE_numcol() when it is NULL, it is assumed that the island is empty.



A list of three vectors:

expC The expectation of the number of colonizations/lineages at the given times
pC The probability distribution of the number of colonizations (lineages) at the given times


Rampal S. Etienne


Valente, L.M., A.B. Phillimore and R.S. Etienne (2015). Equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics simultaneously operate in the Galapagos islands. Ecology Letters 18: 844-852.


### Compute the marginal probability distributions at t = 4 and t = 8, for a mainland
# pool size of 250 potential colonists and a vector of 5 parameters (cladogenesis,
# extinction, clade-level carrying capacity, immigration, anagenesis) starting from
# an empty island

numcol <- DAISIE_numcol(
   pars1 = c(0.3,0.35,Inf,0.75,0.012),
   pars2 = c(100,250),
   tvec = c(4,8),
   initEI = list(c(0,1),c(0,2),c(3,1))

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