PowerTOST: Power and Sample Size Based on Two One-Sided t-Tests (TOST) for (Bio)Equivalence Studies

Contains functions to calculate power and sample size for various study designs used for bioequivalence studies. See function known.designs() for study designs covered. Moreover the package contains functions for power and sample size based on 'expected' power in case of uncertain (estimated) variability and/or uncertain theta0. ----- Added are functions for the power and sample size for the ratio of two means with normally distributed data on the original scale (based on Fieller's confidence ('fiducial') interval). ----- Contains further functions for power and sample size calculations based on non-inferiority t-test. This is not a TOST procedure but eventually useful if the question of 'non-superiority' must be evaluated. The power and sample size calculations based on non-inferiority test may also performed via 'expected' power in case of uncertain (estimated) variability and/or uncertain theta0. ----- Contains functions power.scABEL() and sampleN.scABEL() to calculate power and sample size for the BE decision via scaled (widened) BE acceptance limits (EMA recommended) based on simulations. Contains also functions scABEL.ad() and sampleN.scABEL.ad() to iteratively adjust alpha in order to maintain the overall consumer risk in ABEL studies and adapt the sample size for the loss in power. Contains further functions power.RSABE() and sampleN.RSABE() to calculate power and sample size for the BE decision via reference scaled ABE criterion according to the FDA procedure based on simulations. Contains further functions power.NTIDFDA() and sampleN.NTIDFDA() to calculate power and sample size for the BE decision via the FDA procedure for NTID's based on simulations. Contains further functions power.HVNTID() and sampleN.HVNTID() to calculate power and sample size for the BE decision via the FDA procedure for highly variable NTID's (see FDA Dabigatran / rivaroxaban guidances) ----- Contains functions for power analysis of a sample size plan for ABE (pa.ABE()), scaled ABE (pa.scABE()) and scaled ABE for NTID's (pa.NTIDFDA()) analysing power if deviating from assumptions of the plan. ----- Contains further functions for power calculations / sample size estimation for dose proportionality studies using the Power model.

AuthorDetlew Labes [aut, cre], Helmut Schuetz [aut], Benjamin Lang [aut]
Date of publication2017-03-16 12:24:29
MaintainerDetlew Labes <DetlewLabes@gmx.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bib.CL: Design matrices of period balanced incomplete block designs

CI.BE: 1-2*alpha confidence interval given point estimate, CV and n

CI.RatioF: 1-2*alpha Fieller confidence interval given point est., CV...

CV2se: Helper functions

CVCL: Confidence limits of a CV for log-normal data

CVfromCI: CV from a given Confidence interval

CVp2CV: Decompose CV(T) and CV(R) from 'pooled' CV of T/R

CVpooled: Pooled CV from several studies

data_2x2: Sample size tables for the classical 2x2 crossover

data_2x2x3: Sample size tables for the 2x2x3 replicate crossover

data_2x4x4: Sample size tables for the 2x4x4 replicate crossover

data_parallel: Sample size tables for the parallel group design

exppower.noninf: Expected power of the non-inferiority test

exppower.TOST: Expected power of the TOST procedure

expsampleN.noninf: Sample size based on expected power for the non-inferiority...

expsampleN.TOST: Sample size based on expected power

known.designs: Show the 'known' designs

OwensQ: Owen's Q-function

OwensQOwen: Owen's Q-function via repeated integration by parts

OwensT: Owen's T-function

pa.ABE: Power analysis for average bioequivalence (ABE)

pa.NTIDFDA: Power analysis for scaled ABE for NTIDs according to FDA

pa.scABE: Power analysis for scaled average bioequivalence (scABE)

power.2TOST: Power for two simultaneous TOST procedures

power.dp: Power of dose-proportionality studies evaluated via Power...

power.HVNTID: (Empirical) Power for BE decision via FDA method for highly...

power.noninf: Power of the one-sided non-inferiority t-test

power.NTIDFDA: (Empirical) Power for BE decision via FDA method for NTIDs

power.RatioF: Power for equivalence of the ratio of two means with...

power.RSABE: (Empirical) Power for BE decision via linearized scaled ABE...

power.scABEL: (Empirical) Power of BE decision via scaled (widened) BE...

power.scABEL.sdsims: (Empirical) Power of BE decision via scaled (widened) BE...

power.TOST: Power of the classical TOST procedure

power.TOST.sim: Power of the TOST procedure obtained via simulations

pvalue.TOST: p-value(s) of the TOST procedure

reg_const: Constructor of an object with class 'regSet' containing the...

sampleN.2TOST: Sample size based on power of 2 TOSTs

sampleN.dp: Sample size estimation of dose-proportionality studies...

sampleN.HVNTID: Sample size estimation for BE decision via FDA method for...

sampleN.noninf: Sample size for the non-inferiority t-test

sampleN.NTIDFDA: Sample size estimation for BE decision via FDA method for...

sampleN.RatioF: Sample size for equivalence of the ratio of two means with...

sampleN.RSABE: Sample size estimation for BE decision via linearized scaled...

sampleN.scABEL: Sample size estimation for BE decision via scaled (widened)...

sampleN.scABEL.ad: Sample size estimation for ABEL and iteratively adjusted...

sampleN.TOST: Sample size based on power of TOST

scABEL: Scaled (widened) BE Acceptance Limits

scABEL.ad: Iteratively adjusted alpha for ABEL

type1error.2TOST: Type I error rate for two simultaneous TOST procedures


bib.CL Man page
CI2CV Man page
CI.BE Man page
CI.RatioF Man page
ct5.1 Man page
ct5.2 Man page
ct5.3 Man page
ct5.4.1 Man page
ct9.6.2 Man page
ct9.6.4 Man page
ct9.6.6 Man page
ct9.6.8 Man page
ctCW.III Man page
ctSJ.VIII.10 Man page
ctSJ.VIII.20 Man page
CV2mse Man page
CV2se Man page
CVCL Man page
CVfromCI Man page
CVp2CV Man page
CVpooled Man page
data2x2 Man page
data2x2x3 Man page
data2x4x4 Man page
data_parallel Man page
exppower.noninf Man page
exppower.TOST Man page
expsampleN.noninf Man page
expsampleN.TOST Man page
known.designs Man page
mse2CV Man page
OwensQ Man page
OwensQOwen Man page
OwensT Man page
pa.ABE Man page
pa.NTIDFDA Man page
pa.scABE Man page
plot.pwrA Man page
power.2TOST Man page
power.dp Man page
power.HVNTID Man page
power.noninf Man page
power.NTIDFDA Man page
power.RatioF Man page
power.RSABE Man page
power.scABEL Man page
power.scABEL.sdsims Man page
power.TOST Man page
power.TOST.sim Man page
print.CVp Man page
print.pwrA Man page
pvalues.TOST Man page
pvalue.TOST Man page
reg_const Man page
sampleN.2TOST Man page
sampleN.dp Man page
sampleN.HVNTID Man page
sampleN.noninf Man page
sampleN.NTIDFDA Man page
sampleN.RatioF Man page
sampleN.RSABE Man page
sampleN.scABEL Man page
sampleN.scABEL.ad Man page
sampleN.TOST Man page
scABEL Man page
scABEL.ad Man page
se2CV Man page
type1error.2TOST Man page


PowerTOST/R/sampleN.scABEL.ad.R PowerTOST/R/helper_exppwr.R PowerTOST/R/power.R PowerTOST/R/expSampleSize_noninf.R PowerTOST/R/BE_CI.R PowerTOST/R/power_PASS.R PowerTOST/R/CVfromCI_BL.R PowerTOST/R/Fieller.R PowerTOST/R/SampleSize_noninf.R PowerTOST/R/pa.ABE.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL_sdsims.R PowerTOST/R/power_RSABE.R PowerTOST/R/BIBs.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL_lo.R PowerTOST/R/power_HVNTID.R PowerTOST/R/power_RSABE_NTID.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL2.R PowerTOST/R/exppower.R PowerTOST/R/sampleN_2TOST.R PowerTOST/R/simulate_replicate_fixed.R PowerTOST/R/pa.NTID.R PowerTOST/R/scABEL.ad.R PowerTOST/R/helper_dp.R PowerTOST/R/pwrA_S3methods.R PowerTOST/R/power_type1_2TOST.R PowerTOST/R/uniroot.step.R PowerTOST/R/power_doseprop.R PowerTOST/R/samplesize_RSABE.R PowerTOST/R/OwensQOwen.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL_0.R PowerTOST/R/pa.scABE.R PowerTOST/R/CVpMethods.R PowerTOST/R/samplesize_RSABE_NTID.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL1.R PowerTOST/R/samplesize_scABEL.R PowerTOST/R/critical_value_nct.R PowerTOST/R/expSampleSize.R PowerTOST/R/power_scABEL.R PowerTOST/R/helper.R PowerTOST/R/scABEL.R PowerTOST/R/CVpooled.R PowerTOST/R/power_TOST_sim.R PowerTOST/R/OwensQ.R PowerTOST/R/exppower_noninf.R PowerTOST/R/SampleSize_HVNTID.R PowerTOST/R/pvalue.TOST_Benjamin.R PowerTOST/R/DesignHelpers.R PowerTOST/R/power_noninf.R PowerTOST/R/samplesize_scABEL2.R PowerTOST/R/SampleSize.R PowerTOST/R/SampleSize_doseprop.R
PowerTOST/man/power.HVNTID.Rd PowerTOST/man/data_2x4x4.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.scABEL.Rd PowerTOST/man/reg_const.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.RatioF.Rd PowerTOST/man/CVp2CV.Rd PowerTOST/man/expsampleN.TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/OwensQ.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.NTIDFDA.Rd PowerTOST/man/exppower.TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.RatioF.Rd PowerTOST/man/data_2x2x3.Rd PowerTOST/man/CVpooled.Rd PowerTOST/man/scABEL.Rd PowerTOST/man/pvalue.TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.HVNTID.Rd PowerTOST/man/CI.BE.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.scABEL.sdsims.Rd PowerTOST/man/scABEL.ad.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.dp.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.dp.Rd PowerTOST/man/pa.ABE.Rd PowerTOST/man/data_2x2.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.2TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.noninf.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/data_parallel.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.2TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/known.designs.Rd PowerTOST/man/OwensT.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.RSABE.Rd PowerTOST/man/CI.RatioF.Rd PowerTOST/man/sampleN.scABEL.ad.Rd PowerTOST/man/pa.scABE.Rd PowerTOST/man/bib.CL.Rd PowerTOST/man/exppower.noninf.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.RSABE.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.noninf.Rd PowerTOST/man/OwensQOwen.Rd PowerTOST/man/CVCL.Rd PowerTOST/man/CVfromCI.Rd PowerTOST/man/expsampleN.noninf.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.NTIDFDA.Rd PowerTOST/man/CV2se.Rd PowerTOST/man/pa.NTIDFDA.Rd PowerTOST/man/type1error.2TOST.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.scABEL.Rd PowerTOST/man/power.TOST.sim.Rd

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