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Removed functions in PowerTOST


Details about removed functions in PowerTOST.


power.scABEL2 and sampleN.scABEL2 were deprecated in version 1.4.1. In power.scABEL and sampleN.scABEL the regulator component "est_method" is used for switching between simulations based on the EMA’s ANOVA evaluation or ISC evaluation, respectively.
power.scABEL2 and sampleN.scABEL2 were removed in version 1.4.3.

power2.TOST was deprecated in version 1.2.6 since power.TOST was modified in order to handle unbalanced sequences. power2.TOST was removed in version in version 1.2.7.

See Also

power.TOST, power.scABEL, sampleN.scABEL for the new functions.

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