Retrieve One Component of ".smart.prediction"

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Retrieve One Component of “.smart.prediction”


Retrieve one component of the list .smart.prediction from smartpredenv.


Details is used in "read" mode within a smart function: it retrieves parameters saved at the time of fitting, and is used for prediction. is only used in smart functions such as sm.poly; is only used in modelling functions such as lm and glm. The function gets only a part of .smart.prediction whereas gets the entire .smart.prediction.


Returns with one list component of .smart.prediction from smartpredenv, in fact, .smart.prediction[[.smart.prediction.counter]]. The whole procedure mimics a first-in first-out stack (better known as a queue).

Side Effects

The variable .smart.prediction.counter in smartpredenv is incremented beforehand, and then written back to smartpredenv.

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