Man pages for VGAM
Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models

A1A2A3The A1A2A3 Blood Group System
AA.Aa.aaThe AA-Aa-aa Blood Group System
AB.Ab.aB.abThe AB-Ab-aB-ab Blood Group System
ABOThe ABO Blood Group System
acatOrdinal Regression with Adjacent Categories Probabilities
AICvlmAkaike's Information Criterion
alaplace3Asymmetric Laplace Distribution Family Functions
alaplaceUCThe Laplace Distribution
amlbinomialBinomial Logistic Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood...
amlexponentialExponential Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood...
amlnormalAsymmetric Least Squares Quantile Regression
amlpoissonPoisson Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood...
anovavglmAnalysis of Deviance for Vector Generalized Linear Model Fits
AR1Autoregressive Process with Order-1 Family Function
AR1EIMComputation of the Exact EIM of an Order-1 Autoregressive...
AR1UCThe AR-1 Autoregressive Process
auucAuckland University Undergraduate Counts Data
auxposbernoulli.tAuxiliary Function for the Positive Bernoulli Family Function...
backPainData on Back Pain Prognosis, from Anderson (1984)
beggsBacon and Eggs Data
bellThe Bell Series of Integers
bellffBell Distribution Family Function
bellUCThe Bell Distribution
benfUCBenford's Distribution
beniniBenini Distribution Family Function
beniniUCThe Benini Distribution
betabinomialBeta-binomial Distribution Family Function
betabinomialffBeta-binomial Distribution Family Function
betabinomUCThe Beta-Binomial Distribution
betaffThe Two-parameter Beta Distribution Family Function
betageometricBeta-geometric Distribution Family Function
betageomUCThe Beta-Geometric Distribution
betaIIBeta Distribution of the Second Kind
betanormUCThe Beta-Normal Distribution
betaprimeThe Beta-Prime Distribution
betaRThe Two-parameter Beta Distribution Family Function
biamhcopAli-Mikhail-Haq Distribution Family Function
biamhcopUCAli-Mikhail-Haq Bivariate Distribution
biclaytoncopClayton Copula (Bivariate) Family Function
biclaytoncopUCClayton Copula (Bivariate) Distribution
BICvlmBayesian Information Criterion
bifgmcopFarlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern's Bivariate Distribution Family...
bifgmcopUCFarlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern's Bivariate Distribution
bifgmexpBivariate Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Exponential Distribution...
bifrankcopFrank's Bivariate Distribution Family Function
bifrankcopUCFrank's Bivariate Distribution
bigamma.mckayBivariate Gamma: McKay's Distribution
bigumbelIexpGumbel's Type I Bivariate Distribution Family Function
bilogisticBivariate Logistic Distribution Family Function
bilogisUCBivariate Logistic Distribution
binom2.orBivariate Binary Regression with an Odds Ratio (Family...
binom2.orUCBivariate Binary Regression with an Odds Ratio
binom2.rhoBivariate Probit Model (Family Function)
binom2.rhoUCBivariate Probit Model
binomialffBinomial Family Function
binormalBivariate Normal Distribution Family Function
binormalcopGaussian Copula (Bivariate) Family Function
binormalUCBivariate Normal Distribution Cumulative Distribution...
binormcopUCGaussian Copula (Bivariate) Distribution
biplackettcopPlackett's Bivariate Copula Family Function
biplackettcopUCPlackett's Bivariate Copula
biplot-methodsBiplot of Constrained Regression Models
bisaBirnbaum-Saunders Distribution Family Function
bisaUCThe Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution
bistudenttBivariate Student-t Family Function
bistudenttUCBivariate Student-t Distribution Cumulative Distribution...
bmi.nzBody Mass Index of New Zealand Adults Data
borel.tannerBorel-Tanner Distribution Family Function
bortUCThe Borel-Tanner Distribution
bratBradley Terry Model
brattBradley Terry Model With Ties
bratUCInputting Data to fit a Bradley Terry Model
calibrateModel Calibrations
calibrate-methodsCalibration for Constrained Regression Models
calibrate.qrrvglmCalibration for CQO and CAO models
calibrate.qrrvglm.controlControl Function for CQO/CAO Calibration
calibrate.rrvglmCalibration for CLO models (RR-VGLMs)
calibrate.rrvglm.controlControl Function for CLO (RR-VGLM) Calibration
caoFitting Constrained Additive Ordination (CAO)
cao.controlControl Function for RR-VGAMs (CAO)
cardioidCardioid Distribution Family Function
cardUCCardioid Distribution
cauchitCauchit Link Function
cauchyCauchy Distribution Family Function
cdf.lmscregCumulative Distribution Function for LMS Quantile Regression
cens.gumbelCensored Gumbel Distribution
cens.normalCensored Normal Distribution
cens.poissonCensored Poisson Family Function
cfibrosisCystic Fibrosis Data
cgoRedirects the user to cqo
chest.nzChest Pain in NZ Adults Data
chinese.nzChinese Population in New Zealand 1867-2001 Data
chisqChi-squared Distribution
cloRedirects the User to rrvglm()
cloglogComplementary Log-log Link Function
coalminersBreathlessness and Wheeze Amongst Coalminers Data
CoefComputes Model Coefficients and Quantities
Coef.qrrvglmReturns Important Matrices etc. of a QO Object
Coef.qrrvglm-classClass "Coef.qrrvglm"
Coef.rrvglmReturns Important Matrices etc. of a RR-VGLM Object
Coef.rrvglm-classClass "Coef.rrvglm"
coefvgamExtract Model Coefficients of a vgam() Object
coefvlmExtract Model Coefficients
Coef.vlmExtract Model Coefficients for VLM Objects
CommonVGAMffArgumentsCommon VGAM Family Function Arguments
concoefExtract Model Constrained/Canonical Coefficients
concoef-methodsConstrained (Canonical) Coefficients
confintvglmConfidence Intervals for Parameters of VGLMs
constraintsConstraint Matrices
corbetCorbet's Butterfly Data
cqoFitting Constrained Quadratic Ordination (CQO)
crashesCrashes on New Zealand Roads in 2009
cratioOrdinal Regression with Continuation Ratios
cumulativeOrdinal Regression with Cumulative Probabilities
dagumDagum Distribution Family Function
dagumUCThe Dagum Distribution
deermiceCaptures of Peromyscus maniculatus (Also Known as Deer Mice).
deplot.lmscregDensity Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
depvarResponse Variable Extracted
df.residualResidual Degrees-of-Freedom
diffzetaDifferenced Zeta Distribution Family Function
diffzetaUCDifferenced Zeta Distribution
dirichletFitting a Dirichlet Distribution
dirmul.oldFitting a Dirichlet-Multinomial Distribution
dirmultinomialFitting a Dirichlet-Multinomial Distribution
double.cens.normalUnivariate Normal Distribution with Double Censoring
double.expbinomialDouble Exponential Binomial Distribution Family Function
ducklingsRelative Frequencies of Serum Proteins in White Pekin...
eexpUCExpectiles of the Exponential Distribution
enormUCExpectiles of the Normal Distribution
enzymeEnzyme Data
erfError Function, and variants
erlangErlang Distribution
eunifUCExpectiles of the Uniform Distribution
expexpffExponentiated Exponential Distribution
expexpff1Exponentiated Exponential Distribution
expgeometricExponential Geometric Distribution Family Function
expgeometricUCThe Exponential Geometric Distribution
expint3The Exponential Integral and Variants
explinkExponential Link Function
explogffExponential Logarithmic Distribution Family Function
explogUCThe Exponential Logarithmic Distribution
exponentialExponential Distribution
exppoissonExponential Poisson Distribution Family Function
exppoissonUCThe Exponential Poisson Distribution
familynameFamily Function Name
felixFelix Distribution Family Function
felixUCThe Felix Distribution
fffF Distribution Family Function
fillCreates a Matrix of Appropriate Dimension
finney44Toxicity trial for insects
fisherzFisher's Z Link Function
fiskFisk Distribution family function
fiskUCThe Fisk Distribution
fittedvlmFitted Values of a VLM object
flourbeetleMortality of Flour Beetles from Carbon Disulphide
foldnormalFolded Normal Distribution Family Function
foldnormUCThe Folded-Normal Distribution
foldsqrtFolded Square Root Link Function
formulavlmModel Formulae and Term Names for VGLMs
frechetFrechet Distribution Family Function
frechetUCThe Frechet Distribution
freund61Freund's (1961) Bivariate Extension of the Exponential...
gamma11-parameter Gamma Distribution
gamma22-parameter Gamma Distribution
gammahyperbolaGamma Hyperbola Bivariate Distribution
gammaR2-parameter Gamma Distribution
garmaGARMA (Generalized Autoregressive Moving-Average) Models
genbetaIIGeneralized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind
genbetaIIUCThe Generalized Beta II Distribution
gengammaGeneralized Gamma distribution family function
gengammaUCThe Generalized Gamma Distribution
genpoissonGeneralized Poisson distribution
genpoisUCThe Generalized Poisson Distribution
genrayleighGeneralized Rayleigh Distribution Family Function
genrayleighUCThe Generalized Rayleigh Distribution
geometricGeometric (Truncated and Untruncated) Distributions
get.smartRetrieve One Component of ".smart.prediction" ".smart.prediction"
gevGeneralized Extreme Value Distribution Family Function
gevUCThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
gewGeneral Electric and Westinghouse Data
golfGamma-Ordinal Link Function
gompertzGompertz Distribution Family Function
gompertzUCThe Gompertz Distribution
gpdGeneralized Pareto Distribution Family Function
gpdUCThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
grain.usGrain Prices Data in USA
grcRow-Column Interaction Models including Goodman's RC...
gumbelGumbel Distribution Family Function
gumbelIIGumbel-II Distribution Family Function
gumbelIIUCThe Gumbel-II Distribution
gumbelUCThe Gumbel Distribution
guplotGumbel Plot
has.interceptHas a Fitted VGLM Got an Intercept Term?
hatvaluesHat Values and Regression Deletion Diagnostics
hdeffHauck-Donner Effects: A Detection Test for Wald Tests
hormoneHormone Assay Data
hspiderHunting Spider Data
huberHuber's Least Favourable Distribution Family Function
huberUCHuber's Least Favourable Distribution
Huggins89.t1Table 1 of Huggins (1989)
hunuaHunua Ranges Data
hypergHypergeometric Family Function
hypersecantHyperbolic Secant Distribution Family Function
hzetaHaight's Zeta Family Function
hzetaUCHaight's Zeta Distribution
iamIndex from Array to Matrix
identitylinkIdentity Link Function
inv.binomialInverse Binomial Distribution Family Function
Inv.gaussianThe Inverse Gaussian Distribution
inv.gaussianffInverse Gaussian Distribution Family Function
inv.lomaxInverse Lomax Distribution Family Function
inv.lomaxUCThe Inverse Lomax Distribution
inv.paralogisticInverse Paralogistic Distribution Family Function
inv.paralogisticUCThe Inverse Paralogistic Distribution
is.buggyDoes the Fitted Object Suffer from a Known Bug?
is.parallelParallelism Constraint Matrices
is.smartTest For a Smart Object
is.zeroZero Constraint Matrices
kendall.tauKendall's Tau Statistic
kumarKumaraswamy Distribution Family Function
kumarUCThe Kumaraswamy Distribution
lakeOAnnual catches on Lake Otamangakau from October 1974 to...
lambertWThe Lambert W Function
laplaceLaplace Distribution
laplaceUCThe Laplace Distribution
latvarLatent Variables
leipnikLeipnik Distribution Family Function
lerchLerch Phi Function
leukemiaAcute Myelogenous Leukemia Survival Data
levyLevy Distribution Family Function
lgammaffLog-gamma Distribution Family Function
lgammaUCThe Log-Gamma Distribution
lindley1-parameter Gamma Distribution
lindUCThe Lindley Distribution
linkfunLink Functions
linkfun.vglmLink Functions for VGLMs
LinksLink functions for VGLM/VGAM/etc. families
linoGeneralized Beta Distribution Family Function
linoUCThe Generalized Beta Distribution (Libby and Novick, 1982)
liratLow-iron Rat Teratology Data
lms.bcgLMS Quantile Regression with a Box-Cox transformation to a...
lms.bcnLMS Quantile Regression with a Box-Cox Transformation to...
lms.yjnLMS Quantile Regression with a Yeo-Johnson Transformation to...
log1mexpLogarithms with an Unit Offset and Exponential Term
logcComplementary-log Link Function
logeLog Link Function, and Variants
logFNatural Exponential Family Generalized Hyperbolic Secant...
logffLogarithmic Distribution
logF.UClog F Distribution
logisticLogistic Distribution Family Function
logitLogit Link Function
logitoffsetlinkLogit-with-an-Offset Link Function
loglaplaceLog-Laplace and Logit-Laplace Distribution Family Functions
loglapUCThe Log-Laplace Distribution
logLikvlmExtract Log-likelihood for VGLMs/VGAMs/etc.
loglinb2Loglinear Model for Two Binary Responses
loglinb3Loglinear Model for Three Binary Responses
loglogLog-log Link Function
lognormalLognormal Distribution
logoffLog Link Function with an Offset
logUCLogarithmic Distribution
lomaxLomax Distribution Family Function
lomaxUCThe Lomax Distribution
lqnormMinimizing the L-q norm Family Function
lrtestLikelihood Ratio Test of Nested Models
lrt.statLikelihood Ratio Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
lvplotLatent Variable Plot
lvplot.qrrvglmLatent Variable Plot for QO models
lvplot.rrvglmLatent Variable Plot for RR-VGLMs
machinistsMachinists Accidents
makehamMakeham Distribution Family Function
makehamUCThe Makeham Distribution
margeffMarginal Effects for Several Categorical Response Models
marital.nzNew Zealand Marital Data
maxwellMaxwell Distribution Family Function
maxwellUCThe Maxwell Distribution
mccullagh89McCullagh (1989) Distribution Family Function
melbmaxtempMelbourne Daily Maximum Temperatures
meplotMean Excess Plot
micmenMichaelis-Menten Model
mills.ratioMills Ratio
mix2expMixture of Two Exponential Distributions
mix2normalMixture of Two Univariate Normal Distributions
mix2poissonMixture of Two Poisson Distributions
MNSsThe MNSs Blood Group System
model.framevlmConstruct the Model Frame of a VLM Object
model.matrixqrrvglmConstruct the Model Matrix of a QRR-VGLM Object
model.matrixvlmConstruct the Design Matrix of a VLM Object
moffsetMatrix Offset
multilogitMulti-logit Link Function
multinomialMultinomial Logit Model
nakagamiNakagami Distribution Family Function
nakagamiUCNakagami Distribution
nbcanlinkNegative Binomial Canonical Link Function
nbolfNegative Binomial-Ordinal Link Function
negbinomialNegative Binomial Distribution Family Function
negbinomial.sizeNegative Binomial Distribution Family Function With Known...
normal.vcmUnivariate Normal Distribution as a Varying-Coefficient Model
notdocumentedyetUndocumented and Internally Used Functions and Classes
nparamvglmNumber of Parameters
oalogOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oalogUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oapospoissonOne-Altered Positive-Poisson Distribution
oapospoisUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oazetaOne-Altered Zeta Distribution
oazetaUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oilogOne-inflated Logarithmic Distribution Family Function
oilogUCOne-Inflated Logarithmic Distribution
oiposbinomialOne-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution Family Function
oiposbinomUCOne-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution
oipospoissonOne-inflated Positive Poisson Distribution Family Function
oipospoisUCOne-Inflated Positive Poisson Distribution
oizetaOne-inflated Zeta Distribution Family Function
oizetaUCOne-Inflated Zeta Distribution
oizipfOne-inflated Zipf Distribution Family Function
oizipfUCOne-Inflated Zipf Distribution
olym2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Final Medal Count Data
ordpoissonOrdinal Poisson Family Function
ordsupOrdinal Superiority Measures
otlogOne-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
otlogUCOne-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
otpospoissonOne-truncated Poisson Distribution
otpospoisUCOne-truncated Positive-Poisson Distribution
otzetaOne-truncated Zeta Distribution Family Function
otzetaUCOne-truncated Zeta Distribution
oxtempOxford Temperature Data
paralogisticParalogistic Distribution Family Function
paralogisticUCThe Paralogistic Distribution
paretoffPareto and Truncated Pareto Distribution Family Functions
paretoIVPareto(IV/III/II) Distribution Family Functions
paretoIVUCThe Pareto(IV/III/II) Distributions
ParetoUCThe Pareto Distribution
perksPerks Distribution Family Function
perksUCThe Perks Distribution
persp.qrrvglmPerspective plot for QRR-VGLMs
pgamma.derivDerivatives of the Incomplete Gamma Integral
pgamma.deriv.unscaledDerivatives of the Incomplete Gamma Integral (Unscaled...
plotdeplot.lmscregDensity Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
plotqrrvglmModel Diagnostic Plots for QRR-VGLMs
plotqtplot.lmscregQuantile Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
plotrcim0Main Effects Plot for a Row-Column Interaction Model (RCIM)
plotvgamDefault VGAM Plotting
plotvgam.controlControl Function for plotvgam()
plotvglmPlots for VGLMs
pneumoPneumoconiosis in Coalminers Data
poissonffPoisson Family Function
poisson.pointsPoisson-points-on-a-plane/volume Distances Distribution
poisson.pointsUCPoisson Points Distribution
polfPoisson-Ordinal Link Function
polonoUCThe Poisson Lognormal Distribution
posbernoulli.bPositive Bernoulli Family Function with Behavioural Effects
posbernoulli.tPositive Bernoulli Family Function with Time Effects
posbernoulli.tbPositive Bernoulli Family Function with Time and Behavioural...
posbernUCPositive Bernoulli Sequence Model
posbinomialPositive Binomial Distribution Family Function
posbinomUCPositive-Binomial Distribution
posgeomUCPositive-Geometric Distribution
posnegbinomialPositive Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function
posnegbinUCPositive-Negative Binomial Distribution
posnormalPositive Normal Distribution Family Function
posnormUCThe Positive-Normal Distribution
pospoissonPositive Poisson Distribution Family Function
pospoisUCPositive-Poisson Distribution
powerlinkPower Link Function
pratsPregnant Rats Toxological Experiment Data
predictqrrvglmPredict Method for a CQO fit
predictvglmPredict Method for a VGLM fit
prentice74Prentice (1974) Log-gamma Distribution
priniaYellow-bellied Prinia
probitProbit Link Function
profilevglmMethod for Profiling vglm Objects
propoddsProportional Odds Model for Ordinal Regression
prplotProbability Plots for Categorical Data Analysis
put.smartAdds a List to the End of the List ".smart.prediction"
qrrvglm.controlControl Function for QRR-VGLMs (CQO)
qtplot.gumbelQuantile Plot for Gumbel Regression
qtplot.lmscregQuantile Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
qvarQuasi-variances Extraction Function
QvarUCQuasi-variances Preprocessing Function
R2latvarR-squared for Latent Variable Models
rayleighRayleigh Distribution Family Function
rayleighUCThe Rayleigh Distribution
RcimMark the Baseline of Row and Column on a Matrix data
rcqoConstrained Quadratic Ordination
rdiricThe Dirichlet distribution
rec.exp1Upper Record Values from a 1-parameter Exponential...
reciprocalReciprocal Link Function
rec.normalUpper Record Values from a Univariate Normal Distribution
residualsvglmResiduals for a VGLM fit
rhobitRhobit Link Function
riceffRice Distribution Family Function
riceUCThe Rice Distribution
rigffReciprocal Inverse Gaussian distribution
rlplot.gevffReturn Level Plot for GEV Fits
rrarNested Reduced-rank Autoregressive Models for Multiple Time...
rrvglmFitting Reduced-Rank Vector Generalized Linear Models...
rrvglm-classClass "rrvglm"
rrvglm.controlControl Function for rrvglm()
rrvglm.optim.controlControl Function for rrvglm() Calling optim()
rugeRutherford-Geiger Polonium Data
sDefining Smooths in VGAM Formulas
score.statRao's Score Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
sc.studentt2Scaled Student t Distribution with 2 df Family Function
sc.t2UCExpectiles/Quantiles of the Scaled Student t Distribution...
SelectSelect Variables for a Formula Response or the RHS of a...
seq2binomialThe Two-stage Sequential Binomial Distribution Family...
setup.smartSmart Prediction Setup
simplexSimplex Distribution Family Function
simplexUCSimplex Distribution
simulate.vlmSimulate Responses for VGLMs and VGAMs
sinmadSingh-Maddala Distribution Family Function
sinmadUCThe Singh-Maddala Distribution
skellamSkellam Distribution Family Function
skellamUCThe Skellam Distribution
skewnormalUnivariate Skew-Normal Distribution Family Function
skewnormUCSkew-Normal Distribution
slashSlash Distribution Family Function
slashUCSlash Distribution
smart.expressionS Expression for Smart Functions
smart.mode.isDetermine What Mode the Smart Prediction is In
smartpredSmart Prediction
sm.osDefining O'Sullivan Spline Smooths in VGAM Formulas
sm.psDefining Penalized Spline Smooths in VGAM Formulas
sratioOrdinal Regression with Stopping Ratios
studenttStudent t Distribution
summarypvgamSummarizing Penalized Vector Generalized Additive Model Fits
summaryvgamSummarizing Vector Generalized Additive Model Fits
summaryvglmSummarizing Vector Generalized Linear Model Fits
SURffSeemingly Unrelated Regressions Family Function
SurvS4Create a Survival Object
SurvS4-classClass "SurvS4"
TICvlmTakeuchi's Information Criterion
tikuvShort-tailed Symmetric Distribution Family Function
tikuvUCA Short-tailed Symmetric Distribution
tobitTobit Model
tobitUCThe Tobit Distribution
toppleTopp-Leone Distribution Family Function
toppleUCThe Topp-Leone Distribution
toxopToxoplasmosis Data
triangleTriangle Distribution Family Function
triangleUCThe Triangle Distribution
trinormalTrivariate Normal Distribution Family Function
trinormalUCTrivariate Normal Distribution Density and Random Variates
trplotTrajectory Plot
trplot.qrrvglmTrajectory plot for QRR-VGLMs
truncparetoUCThe Truncated Pareto Distribution
truncweibullTruncated Weibull Distribution Family Function
ucberkUniversity California Berkeley Graduate Admissions
undocumented-methodsUndocumented Methods Functions
uninormalUnivariate Normal Distribution
UtilitiesVGAMUtility Functions for the VGAM Package
V1V1 Flying-Bombs Hits in London
vcovvlmCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted VLM or...
veniceVenice Maximum Sea Levels Data
vgamFitting Vector Generalized Additive Models
vgam-classClass "vgam"
vgam.controlControl Function for vgam()
VGAM-packageVector Generalized Linear and Additive Models and Associated...
vglmFitting Vector Generalized Linear Models
vglm-classClass "vglm"
vglm.controlControl Function for vglm()
vglmff-classClass "vglmff"
vonmisesvon Mises Distribution Family Function
vplot.profilePlotting Functions for 'profile' Objects
vsmooth.splineVector Cubic Smoothing Spline
waitakereWaitakere Ranges Data
waldffWald Distribution Family Function
wald.statWald Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
weibull.meanWeibull Distribution Family Function, Parameterized by the...
weibullRWeibull Distribution Family Function
weightsvglmPrior and Working Weights of a VGLM fit
wineBitterness in Wine Data
wrapup.smartCleans Up After Smart Prediction
yeo.johnsonYeo-Johnson Transformation
yip88Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution (Yip (1988) algorithm)
yulesimonYule-Simon Family Function
yulesimonUCYule-Simon Distribution
zabinomialZero-Altered Binomial Distribution
zabinomUCZero-Altered Binomial Distribution
zageometricZero-Altered Geometric Distribution
zageomUCZero-Altered Geometric Distribution
zanegbinomialZero-Altered Negative Binomial Distribution
zanegbinUCZero-Altered Negative Binomial Distribution
zapoissonZero-Altered Poisson Distribution
zapoisUCZero-Altered Poisson Distribution
zeroThe zero Argument in VGAM Family Functions
zetaRiemann's Zeta Function
zetaffZeta Distribution Family Function
zetaUCThe Zeta Distribution
zibinomialZero-Inflated Binomial Distribution Family Function
zibinomUCZero-Inflated Binomial Distribution
zigeometricZero-Inflated Geometric Distribution Family Function
zigeomUCZero-Inflated Geometric Distribution
zinegbinomialZero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function
zinegbinUCZero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution
zipebcomExchangeable Bivariate cloglog Odds-ratio Model From a...
zipfZipf Distribution Family Function
zipfUCThe Zipf Distribution
zipoissonZero-Inflated Poisson Distribution Family Function
zipoisUCZero-Inflated Poisson Distribution
zoabetaRZero- and One-Inflated Beta Distribution Family Function
zoabetaUCThe Zero/One-Inflated Beta Distribution
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