Man pages for JinmiaoChenLab/uSORT
uSORT: A self-refining ordering pipeline for gene selection

autoSPINA wrapper function for autoSPIN sorting method
clusterGenes1A modified monocle's function
compareModels1A modified monocle's function
differentialGeneTest1differential gene test
diff_test_helper1A modified monocle's helper function
distance.functionA distance function A distance function computes cell-to-cell...
driving_force_gene_selectionA feature/ gene selection function
elbow_detectionA elbow detection function
EXP_to_CellDataSetA function for constructing a Monocle's CellDataSet object...
fluidigmSC_analyzeGeneDetectionA gene detection function
fluidigmSC_identifyExpOutliersAn outlier detection function
fluidigmSC_isElementIgnoreCaseA gene finding function
fluidigmSC_readLinearExpAn expression reading function
fluidigmSC_removeGenesByLinearExpForAllTypeA gene trimming function
fluidigmSC_removeGenesByLinearExpForAllType_log2A gene trimming function
monocle_wrapperA wrapper function for Monocle sorting method
neighborhood_sortingA sorting function using the Neighborhood algorithm
neighborhood_sortingcostA cost computation function for Neighborhood algorithm
neighborhood_sorting_wrapperA wrapper function for Neighborhood sorting.
pca_gene_selectionGene selection using PCA technique
RwanderlustR inplementation of wanderlust
scattering_quantification_per_geneAn expression scattering measurement function
sorting_method_parameter_GUIGUI for sorting method paramters
SPINA wrapper function for SPIN sorting method
STS_sortingA sorting function using the Side-to-Side (STS) algorithm
STS_sortingcostA cost computation function for Side-to-Side (STS) algorithm
STS_sorting_wrapperA wrapper function for Side-to-Side (STS) sorting.
summed_local_varianceA summed local variance function
summed_local_variance_cyclicalA summed local variance function for cyclical linear data...
summed_local_variance_linearA summed local variance function for strictly linear data...
trajectory_landmarksdetermining initial trajectory and landmarks
uSortuSORT: A self-refining ordering pipeline for gene selection
uSORT_GUIThe user friendly GUI for 'uSORT-package'
uSORT_parameters_GUIThe GUI for inputting paramters for uSORT
uSORT_preProcessA data loading and pre-processing function
uSORT_sorting_wrapperwrapper of all avaliable sorting methods in uSORT
uSORT_write_resultsResluts parsing for uSORT
variability_per_geneA utility function for scattering_quantification_per_gene
wanderlust_wrappera wrapper of wanderlust for sWanderlust
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