pheno: Single-cell phenotype annotation

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Single-cell phenotype annotation


A dataset containing single-cell phenotypic data




A data frame or matrix n.cell rows x y.phenotypes columns

The phenotype table contains several traits that mimic what you would collect as clinical phenotypes. Binary e.g. yes/no codes a 0/1. Categorical, usually strings, e.g. low, medium, high. Quantitative numerical measurments from assays, or as simple as height or body weight. A few random traits to use as controls.

  • cellID, single-cell ID. By default, the rownames will be used by buildCNR as the cellID. It is imperative that the rownames are used as cellID, if you have a column called 'cellID' it will be re-written.

  • binary1, binary trait 1

  • binary2, binary trait 2

  • category1, categorical trait 1

  • category2, categorical trait 2

  • quantitative1, quantitative trait 1

  • quantitative2, quantitative trait 2

  • random1, random trait 1

  • random2, random trait 2


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