Man pages for isglobal-brge/EpiMutations
Robust outlier identification for DNA methylation data

add_ensemble_regulatoryAdd ENSEMBL regulatory regions to epimutations
annotate_cpgAnnotate the DMR resulting from epimutacions package
annotate_epimutationsAnnotate the results of epimutations or...
AS204Algorithm AS 204
betas_from_bumpObtains bumps beta values
betas_sd_meanComputes beta values, standard deviation and mean to plot the...
cols_namesSets common column names in a data frame
create_GRanges_classGenerates a GRanges object
epi_betaIdentifies epimutations based on a beta distribution.
epi_iForestIdentifies epimutations using Isolation Forest
epi_mahdistIdentifies epimutations using Robust Mahalanobis distance
epi_manovaIdentifies epimutations using MANOVA
epi_mlmDetects epimutations using Multivariate Linear Model (MLM)
epimutationsEpimutations analysis based on outlier detection methods
epimutations_one_leave_outEpimutations analysis based on outlier detection methods
epi_parametersSettings for parameters of 'epimutations' and...
epi_preprocessPreprocess methylation array
epi_quantileIdentifies epimutations using quantile distribution
getBetaParamsModel methylation as a beta distribution
get_candRegsGRCandidate regions to be epimutations
get_ENSEMBL_dataGet ENSEMBL regulatory features overlapping a genomic region
merge_recordsMerge records for the same ENSEMBL regulatory element
mlmNon-parametric, Asymptotic P-values for Multivariate Linear...
mlmtstSums of Squares and Pseudo-F Statistics from a Multivariate...
norm_parametersSettings for parameters of epi_preprocess function
p.asymptAsymptotic P-values
plot_epimutationsPlot a given epimutation and locate it along the genome
process_ENSEMBL_resultsProcess data from ENSEMBL
res_iForestCreates a data frame containing the results obtained from...
res_mahdistCreates a data frame containing the results obtained from...
res_manovaCreates a data frame containing the results obtained from...
res_mlmCreates a data frame containing the results obtained from MLM
UCSC_annotationUCSC gene annotations
UCSC_regulationUCSC annotation
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