Man pages for mworkentine/mattsUtils
Personal Utility Functions For Various Analysis

compute_spiacompute spia with provided gene list does the bulk of the...
get_richnessGet a dataframe with richness estimates
get_sig_taxaGet a list of significant taxa from a DESeq analysis
lfc_plotLog fold-change plot
make_heatmapMake Heatmap
make_ordination_plotsMake ordination plots
mattsUtilsmattsUtils: Convience functions and utilies to help with my...
plot_bar2Plot bar 2
plot_diagnositicsDiagnostic plots for a DESeq differential expression analysis
plot_featureCount_statsPlot stats from featureCounts output
plot_genus_by_phylumPlot genus by phylum
plot_num_seqsPlot number of sequences
plot_OTUsPlot OTUs
plotPCA2Plot PCA (modified)
psmelt_dplyrA dplyr version of psmelt
replace_countsReplace counts
rlog_norm_otusrlog normalize an OTU table
run_spiaPrepare gene lists and run spia
single_gene_plotSingle Gene Plot
subset_taxa2Subset taxa 2
summarize_taxonomySummarize taxonomy
veganotuConvert phyloseq otu table to vegan otu table
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