getChemicalProperties: Returns chemical properties given a metabolite list

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Returns chemical properties given a metabolite list


Returns chemical properties given a metabolite list


getChemicalProperties(mets, propertyList = "all")



a list object of source prepended metaboite ids, representing a metabolite set of interest


an optional list of specific properties to extract. Options include 'all' (default), 'smiles', 'inchi_key', 'inchi_key_prefix', 'inchi', 'mw', 'monoisotop_mass', 'formula', 'common_name'. If a props list is not supplied, all property fields will be returned.


Returns chemcial property information for the list of input metabolites and a query report reporting on the number of metabolite ids that were matched and the list of un-matched input ids.

The returned object (return_obj below) contains two results. Use str(return_obj) to see the structure described here.

return_obj$chem_props chemical properties for all matched input ids.

return_obj$query_report this reports on the query list size, the number of input ids that were found in the database, and a list of metabolite ids that were not found in the database.


## Not run: 
# metabolite list of interest
mets = c('hmdb:HMDB0000056',
pkg.globals <- setConnectionToRaMP(dbname="ramp2",username="root",conpass="",host = "localhost")
chemProps <- getChemicalProperties(mets, propertyList = c('iso_smiles', 'inchi_key', 'common_name'))

## End(Not run)

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