Man pages for nwfsc-assess/nwfscSurvey
What the package does (short line)

createStrataDF.fncreate a strata file for EWC functions
DesignBasedEstBiomass.EWC.fnCalculate yearly biomass estimates
GetAgesExcel.fnReads in age data from Excel file and returns age frequencies...
GetAges.fnReads in age data and returns age frequencies in SS3 format
GetLFs.fnGet length frequencies
GetLFsFromExcel.fnReads in LF data and returns length frequencies in SS3 format
GetTotalBiomassExcel.fnOutput the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from Excel file
GetTotalBiomass.fnOutput the biomass in SS3 format, reading in from a csv file
nwfscSurveyCode-packageFunctions used to analyze NWFSC survey data and create input...
plotBio.fnPlot the biomass estimates with confidence interval
plotBioStrata.fnPlot biomass estimates by strata with CI's
plotFreqData.fnPlot age or length frequencies as bubble plots
plotFreqDataStrata.fnPlot age or length frequencies by strata as bubble plots
plotLFs.fnPlots frequency data (deprecated) and now should use...
plotSexRatio.fnPlots the sex ratio by length bins
readDataFromExcel.fnRead biomass data from Excel file
readInAgeComps.fnReads in age comps from a csv file provided by survey team
ReadInBiomass.EWC.fnRead in the csv file of biomass observations
readInBiomass.fnRead in the biomass estimates from csv file provided by...
readInExcelAgeComps.fnReads age comps from Excel file provided by survey team
readInExcelBiomass.fnRead biomass from Excel file provided by survey team
readInExcelLengthComps.fnRead in length comps from Excel file provided by survey team
readInLengthComps.fnRead in length comps from a csv file
ReadInLengths.EWC.fnRead in length data for the Early West Coast surveys.
SA3Area of lat and depth boundaries
SS3AgeAtLen.fnCalculates age-at-length to input into SS3
SS3Biomass.fnCalculates yearly biomass for input into SS3
SS3LF.fnCalculates length frequencies for input into SS3
SS3LFstrata.fnEnumerates the length frequencies by strata
StrataAreas.fnDetermine strata area.
strataBiomass.fnEnumerates biomass by strata
StrataFactors.fnStrata factors by name
SurveyAgeAtLen.EWC.fnCalculate and format age-at-length compositions
SurveyLFs.EWC.fnCalculate length frequency compositions
updateSurveyCodeUpdates nwfsc survey code by reading from R-forge Subversion...
varLengthAtAge.fnPlot variability of length at age
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