Man pages for quadbiolab/VoxHunt
Projecting single-cell transcriptomes to spatial brain maps

aggregate_matrixAggregate matrix over groups
annotation_plotPlot brain structure annotation
as_matrixConvert dataframe to matrix
assign_cellsAssign cells to structure
brainspan_mapProject single cell gene expression data to BrainSpan
dePerforms differential expression analysis on a sample x...
feature_plotFeature plot
get_markersGet gene expression values from matrix
load_aba_dataDefine the path to voxel data and load lazily if required
load_mousebrain_dataLoad the mousebrain data (LaManno & Siletti et al. 2020)
mapping_plotPlot correlation to entire brain or selected slices.
mousebrain_mapProject single cell gene expression data to developing mouse...
no_legendRemove legend from plot
plot_annotationPlot brain structure annotation
plot_expressionPlot gene expression across the mouse brain
plot_expression_3dPlot gene expression across the mouse brain in 3D
plot_mapPlot similarity map of single cells
plot_map_3dPlot similarity map of single cells to voxels in 3D
plot_structure_similarityPlot similarity to brain structures
printPrint BrainSpanMap objects
safe_corSafe correlation function which returns a sparse matrix...
slice_plotPlot correlation to brain slices and structure annotation
sparse_corFast correlation for sparse matrices
sparse_covcorFast correlation and covariance calcualtion for sparse...
stage_namePick proper stage name
structure_markersFind differentially expressed features for all structures on...
summarize_groupsSummarize data over groups
summarize_structuresSummarize data over structures
three_dim_plotGeneral 3D plotting function
variable_genesFinds variable features for all structures on a given...
voxel_mapProject single cell gene expression data to spatial...
zscaleScale function that works for vectors and grouped dataframes
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