REMOVE: Remove Add-on Packages

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Utility for removing add-on packages.


R CMD REMOVE [options] [-l lib] pkgs



a space-separated list with the names of the packages to be removed.


the path name of the R library tree to remove from. May be absolute or relative. Also accepted in the form --library=lib.


further options for help or version.


If used as R CMD REMOVE pkgs without explicitly specifying lib, packages are removed from the library tree rooted at the first directory in the library path which would be used by R run in the current environment.

To remove from the library tree lib instead of the default one, use R CMD REMOVE -l lib pkgs.

Use R CMD REMOVE --help for more usage information.


Some binary distributions of R have REMOVE in a separate bundle, e.g. an R-devel RPM.

See Also

INSTALL, remove.packages

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