getWindowsHandles: Get handles of Windows in the MS Windows RGui

getWindowsHandlesR Documentation

Get handles of Windows in the MS Windows RGui


This function gets the Windows handles of visible top level windows or windows within the R MDI frame (when using the Rgui).


getWindowsHandles(which = "R", pattern = "", minimized = FALSE)



A vector of strings "R" or "all" (possibly with repetitions). See the Details section.


A vector of patterns that the titles of the windows must match.


A logical vector indicating whether minimized windows should be considered.


This function will search for Windows handles, for passing to external GUIs or to the arrangeWindows function. Each of the arguments may be a vector of values. These will be treated as follows:

  • The arguments will all be recycled to the same length.

  • The corresponding elements of each argument will be applied in separate searches.

  • The final result will be the union of the windows identified in each of the searches.

If an element of which is "R", only windows belonging to the current R process will be returned. In MDI mode, those will be the child windows within the R GUI (Rgui) frame. In SDI mode, all windows belonging to the process will be included.

If the element is "all", then top level windows will be returned.

The elements of pattern will be used to make a subset of windows whose title text matches (according to grep) the pattern.

If minimized = FALSE, minimized windows will be ignored.


A list of external pointers containing the window handles.


This is only available on Windows.


Duncan Murdoch

See Also

arrangeWindows, getWindowsHandle (singular).


if(.Platform$OS.type == "windows") withAutoprint({