Man pages for inveRsion
Inversions in genotype data

acSample data set of class accuracy
accBicaccBic computes "accuracy" from "inversionList"
accuracy-classClass "accuracy"
codeHaploCodes haplotypes into decimal integers
gDatSample data of class genoDat
GenoDat-classClass "GenoDat"
GenoDatROI-classClass "GenoDatROI"
getClassif-methodsOverall classification
getInv-methodsgets "scan" into a matrix
getROIs-methodsExtracts regions of possible inversion events from "scan"
hapCodeSample data set of class HaploCode
HaploCode-classClass "HaploCode"
inversion-classClass "inversion"
inveRsion-internalInternal inveRsion objects
inversionList-classClass "inversionList"
inveRsion-packageDetection of Genetic inversions using SNP-array data
invListSample data of class inversionList
listInv-methodsConstructor of class inversionList
scan-classClass "scan"
scanInvInversion scan
scanResSample data set of class scan
setUpGenoDatFileLoads genotype data onto R
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