Man pages for mutSignatures
Decipher Mutational Signatures from Somatic Mutational Catalogs

addWeakAdd Weak Mutation Types
bootstrapCancerGenomesBootstrap a Mutation Count Matrix
citationPrint Citation Information
decipherMutationalProcessesDecipher Mutational Processes Contributing to a Collection of...
deconvoluteMutCountsDeconvolute Mutation Counts
do.nmfPerform Non-negative Matrix Factorization
evaluateStabilityEvaluate Results Stability
extractSignaturesExtract Signatures from Genomic Mutational Catalogs
filterOutIterationsRemove Iterations that Generated Outlier Results
getTestRunArgsGenerate Arguments for Running Examples and Mock Runs
leadZerosAdd Leading Zeros to a Number
mutSignatures-packageComputational Framework for Deciphering Cancer Mutational...
plotSignatureExposuresGenerate Plot Signature
removeWeakRemove Mutation Types Not Meeting the Threshold
setMutClusterParamsSet Parameters for Extracting Mutational Signatures
setMutCountObjectCreate a Mutation Count Object Suitable for Signatures...
silhouetteMLBSilhouette Analysis
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