Man pages for CMWbio/geaR
GDS Evolutionary Analysis in R

combineBUSCOgffCombines gffs output by BUSCO
combineRangesCombines overlaps in features and windows
dmaxCalculates maximum genetic distance
dminCalculates minimum genetic distance
genoDistCalculates the hamming distance between alleles
getCodonFeatures-methodsIndex genome according to provided exons
getCodonsFromFastaget codon positions from fasta
getDiversityStats-methodsCalculate diversity statistics
getFeaturesMakes Density plots
getGenotypesImport genotypes from GDS
Nei82FstFst from hamming distance
neisDaCalculates Nei's ancestral/net genetic distance
neisDxyCalculates Nei's Dxy
neisPiCalculates Nei's nucleotide diversity (pi)
outputLociFastaIndex genome according to provided exons
outputTreesIndex genome according to provided exons
RNDCalculates Relative Node Depth
summarizeStatsCalculates block jackknifed mean for statistics
windowMakerSliding and tiled window ranges
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