Man pages for steinbaugh/DESeqAnalysis
DESeq2 Analysis Utilities

alphaSummaryAlpha level cutoff summary statistics
asForce an object to belong to a class
contrastNameContrast name
contrastSamplesSamples corresponding to a differential expression contrast
degDifferentially expressed genes
deseqDESeq2 example analysis
DESeqAnalysis-classDESeq2 differential expression analysis
DESeqAnalysisList-classList containing related DESeq2 analyses
plotCountsPlot counts
plotDEGHeatmapDifferentially expressed gene heatmap
plotDEGPCAPlot differentially expressed gene principal component...
plotMAMA-plot: plot differences versus averages for high-throughput...
plotVolcanoVolcano plot
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resultsNamesResults names
resultsTablesResults tables
sampleDataSample data
showShow an object
topTablesTop tables
updateObjectUpdate an object to its current class definition
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