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for CRAM files, a FASTA reference is required to decode; this builds that


A FASTA reference is not always needed, so long as .crai indices are available for all contigs in the CRAM. See spike_counts for a fast and convenient alternative that extracts spike coverage from index stats. However, spike_counts has its own issues, and it's better to use fragments.


generate_spike_fasta(bam, spike, assembly = NULL, fa = "spike_contigs.fa")



a BAM or CRAM file, hopefully with an index


the spike contig database (mandatory as of 0.9.99)


optional BSgenome or seqinfo with reference contigs (NULL)


the filename for the resulting FASTA ("spikes.fa")


If the contigs in a CRAM have even slightly different names from those in the reference, decoding will fail. In some cases there are multiple names for a given contig (which raises the question of whether to condense them), and thus the same reference sequence decodes multiple contig names.

This function generates an appropriate spike reference for a BAM or CRAM, using BAM/CRAM headers to figure out which references are used for which.

At the moment, CRAM support in Rsamtools only exists in the GitHub branch:


Using other versions of Rsamtools will yield an error on CRAM files.

Note that for merged genomic + spike reference BAMs/CRAMs, this function will only attempt to generate a FASTA for the spike contigs, not reference. If your reference contigs are screwed up, talk to your sequencing people, and keep better track of the FASTA reference against which you compress!


     invisibly, a DNAStringSet as exported to `fa`

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data(spike, package="spiky")
sb <- system.file("extdata", "example.spike.bam", package="spiky",
outFasta <- paste(system.file("extdata", package="spiky", mustWork=TRUE),"/spike_contigs.fa",sep="")
show(generate_spike_fasta(sb, spike=spike,fa=outFasta))

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