sig.gene70: Signature used to compute the 70 genes prognosis profile...

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List of 70 agilent probe ids representing 56 unique genes included in the GENE70 signature. The EntrezGene.ID allows for mapping and the "average.good.prognosis.profile" values allows for signature computation.




sig.gene70 is a matrix with 9 columns containing the annotations and information related to the signature itself.



L. J. van't Veer and H. Dai and M. J. van de Vijver and Y. D. He and A. A. Hart and M. Mao and H. L. Peterse and K. van der Kooy and M. J. Marton and A. T. Witteveen and G. J. Schreiber and R. M. Kerkhiven and C. Roberts and P. S. Linsley and R. Bernards and S. H. Friend (2002) "Gene Expression Profiling Predicts Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer", Nature, 415:530–536.



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                        probe correlation average.good.prognosis.profile
NM_003748           NM_003748   -0.420671                     0.12350000
NM_003862           NM_003862   -0.410964                     0.05159091
Contig32125_RC Contig32125_RC   -0.409054                     0.05409091
U82987                 U82987   -0.407002                     0.06150000
AB037863             AB037863   -0.402335                     0.06334091
NM_020974           NM_020974   -0.399987                    -0.06231818
               EntrezGene.ID NCBI.gene.symbol HUGO.gene.symbol      Cytoband
NM_003748               8659          ALDH4A1          ALDH4A1          1p36
NM_003862               8817            FGF18            FGF18          5q34
Contig32125_RC            NA             <NA>             <NA>          <NA>
U82987                 27113             BBC3             BBC3 19q13.3-q13.4
AB037863                  NA             <NA>             <NA>          <NA>
NM_020974              57758           SCUBE2           SCUBE2       11p15.3
NM_003748                     ALDH4|P5CD|P5CDh|P5CDhL|P5CDhS
NM_003862                                       FGF-18|ZFGF5
Contig32125_RC                                          <NA>
U82987                                   JFY1|PUMA|PUMA/JFY1
AB037863                                                <NA>
NM_020974      CEGP1|Cegb1|Cegf1|FLJ16792|FLJ35234|MGC133057
NM_003748      aldehyde dehydrogenase 4 family, member A1
NM_003862                     fibroblast growth factor 18
Contig32125_RC                                       <NA>
U82987                           BCL2 binding component 3
AB037863                                             <NA>
NM_020974          signal peptide, CUB domain, EGF-like 2
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