sig.oncotypedx: Signature used to compute the OncotypeDX signature as...

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List of 21 genes included in the OncotypeDX signature. The EntrezGene.ID allows for mapping and the mapping to affy probes is already provided.




sig.oncotypedx is a matrix with 5 columns containing the annotations and information related to the signature itself (including a mapping to Affymetrix HGU platform).


S. Paik, S. Shak, G. Tang, C. Kim, J. Bakker, M. Cronin, F. L. Baehner, M. G. Walker, D. Watson, T. Park, W. Hiller, E. R. Fisher, D. L. Wickerham, J. Bryant, and N. Wolmark (2004) "A Multigene Assay to Predict Recurrence of Tamoxifen-Treated, Node-Negative Breast Cancer", New England Journal of Medicine, 351(27):2817–2826.



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      symbol  probe.affy EntrezGene.ID         group weight
MKI67  MKI67 212022_s_at          4288 proliferation  0.208
AURKA  AURKA 208079_s_at          6790 proliferation  0.208
BIRC5  BIRC5 202095_s_at           332 proliferation  0.208
CCNB1  CCNB1 214710_s_at           891 proliferation  0.208
MYBL2  MYBL2   201710_at          4605 proliferation  0.208
MMP11  MMP11 203876_s_at          4320      invasion  0.050

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