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Given a training sequence set, the optimal value for parametric divergence has been estimated by means of leave-one-out cross-validation from q-value set. For each q-value, the ROC curve has been calculated. From this results, the optimal q-value has been considered according to the area under convex surface maximum.





A set of inicial conditions for the MEET-package (mode, method, background, alignment, threshold, parameters, Transcriptionfactor, nummotif, lenmotif, sentit, position, missing, vector, gapopen, maxiters, gapextend)


A set of nucleotide sequences


This function integrates the Mutual information (Renyi Order equal 1) and parametric divergence (Renyi Order different 1). Moreover, it contains a set of function for the detection of transcription factor binding sites:correction.entropy.R, correction.redundancy.R, entropy.shannon.R, entropy.renyi.R, entropy.corrected.R, probability.R, CalculRedundancy.R, diff.instructions.R, redundancy.R, ROCmodel.R, detector_2nOrdre.R, pvalue.R.


Joan Maynou <joan.maynouatupc.edu>

See Also

kfold.Entropy, kfold.MEME, kfold.MDscan, kfold.MATCH and kfold.PCA

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