Man pages for UCSCXenaShiny
A Shiny App for UCSC Xena Database

app_runRun Xena Shiny App
available_hostsShow available hosts
dat_datasetsNumber of datasets in each cohort
dat_samplesNumber of samples in each cohort
get_pancan_valueFetch identifier value from pan-cancer dataset
ope_toil_geneObtain toilHub info for single gene
pipePipe operator
tcga_gtexToil Hub: merged TCGA GTEX selected phenotypes
toil_infoToil Hub: TCGA TARGET GTEX selected phenotypes
toil_survToil Hub: TCGA survival data
UCSCXenaShinyXena Shiny App
vis_toil_geneVisualize single gene expression from toil data hub
vis_toil_TvsNVisualize single gene expression from toil data hub
XenaInfoSummary info of UCSC Xena
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