Man pages for rgudhi
An Interface to the GUDHI Library for Topological Data Analysis

AffinityPropagationPerforms clustering according to the affinity propagation...
AgglomerativeClusteringPerforms clustering according to the agglomerative algorithm
AlphaComplexR6 Class for Alpha Complex
AtolVector Representation: Atol
autoplot.persistence_diagramPlot for 'persistence_diagram' objects
BaseClusteringBase Class for Clustering Algorithms
BaseScalerBase Class for Scalers
BettiCurveVector Representation: Betti Curve
BirchPerforms clustering according to the Birch algorithm
BirthPersistenceTransformPreprocessing: Birth Persistence Transform
BisectingKMeansPerforms clustering according to the bisecting k-means...
BottleneckDistanceMetrics: Bottleneck Distance
ComplexPolynomialVector Representation: Complex Polynomial
CubicalComplexR6 Class for Cubical Complex
DBSCANPerforms clustering according to the DBSCAN algorithm
DiagramScalerPreprocessing: Diagram Scaler
DiagramSelectorPreprocessing: Diagram Selector
EntropyVector Representation: Entropy
FeatureAgglomerationPerforms clustering according to the feature agglomeration...
fetchRemote Data Sets
KernelRepresentationStepKernel Representation Step
KMeansPerforms clustering according to the k-means algorithm
LandscapeVector Representation: Landscape
MaxAbsScalerScales each feature by its maximum absolute value
mean.persistence_diagram_samplePersistence Diagram Sample Mean
MeanShiftPerforms clustering according to the mean shift algorithm
MetricStepMetric Step
MiniBatchKMeansPerforms clustering according to the mini-batch k-means...
MinMaxScalerTransforms features by scaling each feature to a given range
OPTICSPerforms clustering according to the OPTICS algorithm
PaddingPreprocessing: Padding
PeriodicCubicalComplexR6 Class for Periodic Cubical Complex
persistence_diagramPersistence Diagram
persistence_diagram_samplePersistence Diagram Sample
PersistenceFisherDistanceMetrics: Persistence Fisher Distance
PersistenceFisherKernelKernel Representation: Persistence Fisher Kernel
PersistenceImageVector Representation: Persistence Image
PersistenceScaleSpaceKernelKernel Representation: Persistence Scale-Space Kernel
PersistenceSlicedWassersteinKernelKernel Representation: Persistence Sliced Wasserstein Kernel
PersistenceWeightedGaussianKernelKernel Representation: Persistence Weighted Gaussian Kernel
plot.persistence_diagramPlot for 'persistence_diagram' objects
PreprocessingStepPreprocessing Step
ProminentPointsPreprocessing: Prominent Points
rgudhi-packagergudhi: An Interface to the GUDHI Library for Topological...
RipsComplexR6 Class for Rips Complex
RobustScalerScales features using statistics that are robust to outliers
seq_circleCircular Sequence Generation
SilhouetteVector Representation: Silhouette
SimplexTreeR6 Class for Simplex Tree
SlicedWassersteinDistanceMetrics: Sliced Wasserstein Distance
SpectralBiclusteringPerforms clustering according to the spectral biclustering...
SpectralClusteringPerforms clustering according to the spectral clustering...
SpectralCoclusteringPerforms clustering according to the spectral coclustering...
sphereSampling on the Sphere
StandardScalerStandardizes features by removing the mean and scaling to...
StrongWitnessComplexR6 Class for Strong Witness Complex
TangentialComplexR6 Class for Tangential Complex
TomatoClustering: Tomato
TopologicalVectorVector Representation: Topological Vector
torusSampling on the Torus
VectorRepresentationStepVector Representation Step
WassersteinDistanceMetrics: Wasserstein Distance
WitnessComplexR6 Class for Witness Complex
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