MiRComb R package

There are two ways of installing miRComb from GitHub:

Use devtools package:

if(!require(miRData)) install_github("mariavica/miRData", ref="master", build_vignettes = TRUE)
install_github("mariavica/miRComb", ref="master", build_vignettes = TRUE)

(use build_vignettes = FALSE if you have problems with vignettes intallation)

Or with githubinstall package:

if(!require(miRData)) gh_install_packages("miRData", ref = "master", build_vignettes = TRUE)
gh_install_packages("miRComb", ref = "master", build_vignettes = TRUE)

In both cases, use ref="patch-devel" if you want to install the latest version.

Otherwise, you can also download the source files from

Other R/Bioconductor packages are needed, if you want to install all of them, type:

install.packages(c("gplots","gtools","network","WriteXLS","Hmisc","glmnet","scatterplot3d", "VennDiagram","xtable","survival","pheatmap","mvoutlier","mclust"))

Use and comments

If the package has been useful for you, we will be very grateful if you can cite our article:

Also, feel free to make comments or suggestions in this GitHub Repository or to: and, many thanks!

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