Man pages for mariavica/mircomb
An R package for analyzing miRNA-mRNA interactions

addCorrelationCorrelate miRNA and mRNA expression
addCorrelation.RCorrelation, old version
addDatabaseIntersect correlations with an external database.
addDiffexpCalculate differential expression
addFoldchangesAdd foldchanges to the 'net' slot
addGlmnetAdd elastic net estimates
addLongTime analysis
addNetCreate a net slot
addScoreCreate a score
addSigSelect significant miRNAs or mRNAs
addSurvCalculate hazard ratio
boxplotCorrelationPlot boxplot and correlation of a miRNA-mRNA pair
boxplotSamplesBoxplots of samples expression
checkmiRNAsCompare a list of miRNAs with different miRBase versions
combinePvalCombine _p_ values
corObject-classClass '"corObject"'
correctPvalCorrect _p_ values
data.objExample of a 'corObject'
evaluateEvaluate function
GOanalysisGO and KEGG enrichment analysis
information-packageFind miRNA targets combining both biological and theoretical...
miRNAmiRNA data expression
mkReportCreates a pdf report
mRNAmRNA data expression
openCytoscapeOpen cytoscape session with the network of miRNA-mRNA...
pearsonPearson correlation with C++ code
pheno.miRNAPhenotypical miRNA information
pheno.mRNAPhenotypical mRNA information
plot3dPCA plot in 3D
plotCircosCircos plot
plotCordistPlot distances/correlation between miRNA or mRNA samples
plotCorrelationPlot correlations
plotDensityPlot miRNA or mRNA density
plotHclustPlot hierarchical clustering of miRNA or mRNA samples
plotHeatmapPlot heatmaps
plotMAMA plot
plotNetworkPlot a network
plotPcaPCA with miRNA or mRNA data
plotSurvPlot Kaplan-Meier curve
plotVolcanoVolcano plot
removeSampRemove samples or miRNA/mRNA
selOutliersselect outliers based on PCA analysis
selSubsetCorSelect relevant miRNA-mRNA interactions
selSubsetExprsSelect differentially expressed miRNAs or mRNAs
summary.corObjectBrief report of a 'corObject'
topTablePrint or plot the top connected miRNA/mRNA
translatemiRNAsConvert miRNA names between versions
writeCsvWrite a csv file
writeExcelWrite an Excel file
writeSifWrite a SIF file
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