Man pages for recipes
Preprocessing Tools to Create Design Matrices

add_stepAdd a New Operation to the Current Recipe
bakeApply a Trained Data Recipe
check_classCheck Variable Class
check_colsCheck if all Columns are Present
check_missingCheck for Missing Values
check_namecheck that newly created variable names don't overlap
check_new_valuesCheck for New Values
check_rangeCheck Range Consistency
check_typeQuantitatively check on variables
detect_stepDetect if a particular step or check is used in a recipe
discretizeDiscretize Numeric Variables
fixedHelper Functions for Profile Data Sets
format_ch_vecHelpers for printing step functions
formula.recipeCreate a Formula from a Prepared Recipe
fully_trainedCheck to see if a recipe is trained/prepared
get_keep_original_colsGet the 'keep_original_cols' value of a recipe step
has_roleRole Selection
juiceExtract Finalized Training Set
names0Naming Tools
prepTrain a Data Recipe
prepperWrapper function for preparing recipes within resampling
print.recipePrint a Recipe
rand_idMake a random identification field for steps
recipeCreate a Recipe for Preprocessing Data
recipesrecipes: A package for computing and preprocessing design...
recipes-internalInternal Functions
recipes_pkg_checkUpdate packages
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
required_pkgs.stepS3 methods for tracking which additional packages are needed...
rolesManually Alter Roles
selectionsMethods for Selecting Variables in Step Functions
step'step' sets the class of the 'step' and 'check' is for...
step_arrangeSort rows using dplyr
step_bin2factorCreate a Factors from A Dummy Variable
step_BoxCoxBox-Cox Transformation for Non-Negative Data
step_bsB-Spline Basis Functions
step_centerCentering numeric data
step_classdistDistances to Class Centroids
step_corrHigh Correlation Filter
step_countCreate Counts of Patterns using Regular Expressions
step_cutCut a numeric variable into a factor
step_dateDate Feature Generator
step_depthData Depths
step_discretizeDiscretize Numeric Variables
step_downsampleDown-Sample a Data Set Based on a Factor Variable
step_dummyDummy Variables Creation
step_factor2stringConvert Factors to Strings
step_filterFilter rows using dplyr
step_geodistDistance between two locations
step_holidayHoliday Feature Generator
step_hyperbolicHyperbolic Transformations
step_icaICA Signal Extraction
step_impute_bagImputation via Bagged Trees
step_impute_knnImputation via K-Nearest Neighbors
step_impute_linearImputation of numeric variables via a linear model.
step_impute_lowerImpute Numeric Data Below the Threshold of Measurement
step_impute_meanImpute Numeric Data Using the Mean
step_impute_medianImpute Numeric Data Using the Median
step_impute_modeImpute Nominal Data Using the Most Common Value
step_impute_rollImpute Numeric Data Using a Rolling Window Statistic
step_indicate_naCreate Missing Data Column Indicators
step_integerConvert values to predefined integers
step_interactCreate Interaction Variables
step_interceptAdd intercept (or constant) column
step_inverseInverse Transformation
step_invlogitInverse Logit Transformation
step_isomapIsomap Embedding
step_kpcaKernel PCA Signal Extraction
step_kpca_polyPolynomial Kernel PCA Signal Extraction
step_kpca_rbfRadial Basis Function Kernel PCA Signal Extraction
step_lagCreate a lagged predictor
step_lincombLinear Combination Filter
step_logLogarithmic Transformation
step_logitLogit Transformation
step_mutateAdd new variables using dplyr
step_mutate_atMutate multiple columns using dplyr
step_naomitRemove observations with missing values
step_nnmfNNMF Signal Extraction
step_normalizeCenter and scale numeric data
step_novelSimple Value Assignments for Novel Factor Levels
step_nsNatural Spline Basis Functions
step_num2factorConvert Numbers to Factors
step_nzvNear-Zero Variance Filter
step_ordinalscoreConvert Ordinal Factors to Numeric Scores
step_otherCollapse Some Categorical Levels
step_pcaPCA Signal Extraction
step_plsPartial Least Squares Feature Extraction
step_polyOrthogonal Polynomial Basis Functions
step_profileCreate a Profiling Version of a Data Set
step_rangeScaling Numeric Data to a Specific Range
step_ratioRatio Variable Creation
step_regexCreate Dummy Variables using Regular Expressions
step_relevelRelevel factors to a desired level
step_reluApply (Smoothed) Rectified Linear Transformation
step_renameRename variables by name using dplyr
step_rename_atRename multiple columns using dplyr
step_rmGeneral Variable Filter
step_sampleSample rows using dplyr
step_scaleScaling Numeric Data
step_selectSelect variables using dplyr
step_shuffleShuffle Variables
step_sliceFilter rows by position using dplyr
step_spatialsignSpatial Sign Preprocessing
step_sqrtSquare Root Transformation
step_string2factorConvert Strings to Factors
step_unknownAssign missing categories to "unknown"
step_unorderConvert Ordered Factors to Unordered Factors
step_upsampleUp-Sample a Data Set Based on a Factor Variable
step_windowMoving Window Functions
step_YeoJohnsonYeo-Johnson Transformation
step_zvZero Variance Filter
summary.recipeSummarize a Recipe
terms_selectSelect Terms in a Step Function.
tidy.recipeTidy the Result of a Recipe
tunable.recipeFind recommended methods for generating parameter values
update.stepUpdate a recipe step
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