cyto_beads_sample: Sample GatingSet to bead count

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cyto_beads_sample can be used on samples containing beads, to downsamples each sample in a GatingSet based on a specific bead_count. For example, if Sample A contains 100 beads and 75000 events, and Sample B contains 50 beads and 5000 events. cyto_beads_sample will downsample each sample to contain 50 beads and therefore 5000 events for Sample A and 3750 events for Sample B.


cyto_beads_sample(x, beads = NULL, bead_count = NULL)



object of class GatingSet.


name of the gated bead population to use for the calculation. If not supplied internal checks will be made for populations named "Single Beads" or "Beads".


minimal bead count to down sample to, set to the minimum bead count in samples by default. The bead count must be less than or equal to the minimum bead count among the samples.


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