Man pages for caOmicsV
Visualization of multi-dimentional cancer genomics data

bioMatrixLegendPlot Legend on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
biomatrixPlotDemoDataDemo Data for caOmicsV bioMatrix Plot
bioNetCircosPlotcaOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout Plot
bioNetLegendDraw Legend for caOmicsV bioNet Plot
bionetPlotDemoDataDemo Dataset for caOmicsV bioNetCircos Plot
CA_OMICS_ENVcaOmicsV Environment
CA_OMICS_NAMEThe Name of caOmicsV Environment
CA_OMICS_NA_STRINGThe Default NA String Used by caOmicsV Package
caOmicsV-packagecaOmicsV bioMatrix and bioNetCircos Layout Plot
CNVDemoDataDemo Data Set for Copy Number Variation
convertToZScoresCalculate z-scores for A Data Matrix
drawBioNetNodeBackgroundDraw Background for A Data Track On Nodes of caOmicsV bioNet...
eraseBioNetNodeErase Background of All Nodes on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
getBezierCurveCalculate x and y Coordinates for A Quadratic Bezier Curve
getBioMatrixDataRowTopGet y Coordinate for Top of A Row on bioMatrix Layout
getBioMatrixPlotParametersMethods to Get caOmicsV BioMatrix Plot Parameters
getBioNetNodeLinkLineGet X and Y Coordinates for An Arrow between Two Nodes
getBioNetParametersMethods to Get caOmicsV BioNetCircos Plot Parameters
getBioNetPlotLocationsGet bioNetCircos Plot Locations
getBioNetSamplePlotPositionCalculate x and y Coordinates for Each Sample on Default Node
getCaOmicsVColorsGet Default Colors Used by caOmicsV Plot
getCaOmicsVPlotTypesGet Plot Types Supported by caOmicsV Package
getDefaultNaStringsDefault NA String
getHeatmapColorScalesGet caOmicsV Heatmap Color Scales
getPlotDataSetPrepare Data Set for caOmicsV Plot
getPlotOmicsDataExtract Subset from A Data Frame
getPlotSampleDataExtract Subset of Sample Information
getPlotSummaryDataExtract Summary Subset for Plotting
getRelatedPlotDataExtract subset from A Data Frame Based on Relational...
initializeBioMatrixPlotSet Up Parameters for caOmicsV bioMatrix Plot Layout
initializeBioNetCircosInitialize caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout Plot
labelBioNetNodeNamesLabel Names for Each Node on Network Graph
linkBioNetNodesDraw A Customized Arrow between Two Nodes
linkBioNetSamplesLink Two samples Inside a Node with Quadratic Bezier Curve
methylDemoDataMethylation Demo Data Set
miRNASelected miRNA Read Counts
miRNADemoDatamiRNASeq Demo Data Set
plotBioMatrixDefault Plot Method for caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout Plot
plotBioMatrixBarsBar Plot on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixBinaryDataBinary Data Plot on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixCategoryDataPlot Category Data on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixHeatmapHeatmap Plot on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixRowNamesPlot Row Names on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixSampleDataPlot Sample Data on caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioMatrixSampleNamesLabel Sample Names on the Top of caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
plotBioNetBarsBar Plot on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotBioNetCircosDefault Plot Method for caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotBioNetHeatmapHeatmap Plot for Each Node on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotBioNetLinesLine Plot on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotBioNetPointsPoint Plot on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotBioNetPolygonsPolygon Plot on caOmicsV bioNetCircos Layout
plotHeatmapColorScalePlot Heatmap Color Scale for both caOmicsV bioMatrix and...
resetBioNetNodePlotAreaBoundaryUpdate Node Plot Area Boundary on caOmicsV bioNetCircos...
RNA2miRNAPaired miRNA and Genes with Negative Correlation Coefficients
RNASeqAn Sample of RNASeq Data Set
RNASeqDemoDataRNASeq Demo Data Set
sampleDemoDataSample Tissue Type Demo Data Set
setBioMatrixBaseCoordinatesSet up Base Coordinates for caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
setBioMatrixPlotAreaSet up Plot Area for caOimcsV bioMatrix Layout
setBioMatrixPlotParametersSet up Plot Parameters for caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
setBioNetCircosBasePlotPositionsSet up Default Plot Positions for a Node on caOmicsV...
setBioNetNodeLayoutSet up Layout for the igraph Object
setBioNetPlotAreaBackgroundSet up Plot Area Background for Nodes of caOmicsV...
setBioNetPlotParametersInitialize Plot Parameters for caOmicsV bioNetCircos Plot
setCaOmicsVColorsSet up Default Plot Colors for caOmicsV Plot
setDefaultNaStringsSet up Default NA Strings for caOmicsV Package
showBioMatrixPlotLayoutDisplay caOmicsV bioMatrix Layout
showBioNetNodesLayoutDisplay Nodes Layout of caOmicsV bioNetCircos Plot
showSupportedBioNetCircosPlotTypeDisplay the Plot Types Supported by caOmicsV bioNetCircos...
sortClinicalDataSort Clinical Data by a Column
sortOmicsDataByColumnSort Omics Data by Column Header
sortOmicsDataByRowSort Omics Data by Row
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