Man pages for egmg726/crisscrosslinker

blast.menuBLAST sequence and go through menu loops
blast.menuOptionsMake PDB Menu Options
check_download_read_pdbCheck Download Read PDB
color.pymolColor PyMol
consolidate_resno_and_residConsolidate resno_and_resid
display_preferred_pdb_structure_menuDisplay Preferred PDB Structure Menu
do_sr_chain_loopMatch query sequence to chain in PDB file
fasta.combineCombine FASTA files
firstupCapitalize first letter
generate_2d_pdb_fileGenerate 2D PDB File
generate_pdb_lists_from_pdb_csvGenerate PDB Lists from PDB CSV
get_missing_amino_acidsGet missing amino acids/fragments
get_pdb_infoGet PDB Info
get_pwa_rangesGet ranges from pairwise alignment results
get_pwa_stringsGet string from pairwise alignment results
get_resno_and_residGet resno and resid from chain in pdb_read
get_uniprot_info_from_proteins_apiget uniprot info from proteins api
get_vector_of_distances_by_pos_freqGet Vector of Distances by Position Frequency
get_xyz_coordinates_pdbGet XYZ coordinates from PDB file
get_xyz_min_maxGet min and max of xyz coordinates
go_through_menu_loopsBLAST sequence and go through menu loops
load_proxl_dataLoad ProXL Data
make_binding_site_dfMake binding site dataframe
make_intensity_output_dfMake intesnity output dataframe
make_pdb_menu_optionsMake PDB Menu Options
make_plink2_master_listMake pLink2 master list
make_proteins_and_intensity_list_from_pipeline_outputMake Proteins and Intensities List
make_renumbered_pdb_vectorsMake renumbered PDB vectors
make_start_end_pdb_df_output2Make start and end csv file for make_diff_analysis function
make_uv_xlms_visualizationMake UV XLMS Visualization
ppi.alignPDBPPI ALign PDB
ppi.analyzeBS3 Differential Analysis Inclusive Function
ppi.combineDataPPI: Combine Data
ppi.distAnalysisPPI Distance Analysis
ppi.freqCountCount Frequencies of Sequences in ppi.analyze() output
ppi.loadDataPPI: Load Data
ppi.matchPDBPPI: Match PDB
ppi.matchPDB2PPI Match PDB 2
ppi.matchUniprotPPI: Match Protein Sequences to UniProt
ppi.pymolWrite PyMOL file for protein-protein interaction data
ppi.xinetMakes file for xiNET input
pymol_color_tablePyMol Colors
quick_pwa_from_pdbQuick PWA from PDB
quick_resno_and_residresno_and_resid Shortcut Function
rbd.alignBSRBD: Align Binding Sequences to Uniprot and PDB
rbd.freqVectorGet Frequency Vector for RBDmap
rbd.getBindingSeqGet Binding Sequence from RBDmap Data
rbd.getBindingSeq3RBD: Get Binding Sequence 3
rbd.getBSfromDFRBD: Get binding sequences from Dataframe
rbd.getBSfromIETGet Binding Sequences from Input/Eluate Table
rbd.makeIEPlotMake input/eluate plot
rbd.makeIETableMake input and eluate table
rbd.makeSeqHitListMake sequence hit list
rbd.menuDBSearchMenu DB Search
rbd.pymolWrite PyMol file for RBDmap Data
renumber_and_identify_missing_aaRenumber and identify missing amino acids in pairwise...
renumber_binding_site_df_from_uniprot_fastaRenumber binding site df from uniprot fasta
split_sequencesSplit Sequences
split_sequences2Split sequences from plink output
uniprot.fastaFetch FASTA sequence from Uniprot
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