runDESeq: Run DESeq for differential expression analysis

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This function provides a wrapper to run DESeq for differential expression analysis. It includes two steps, DESeq::estimateSizeFactors and DESeq::estimateDispersions.


runDESeq(geneCounts, label)



a matrix containing read counts for each gene, can be the output of getGeneCount.


the sample classification labels.


A CountDataSet object with size factors and dispersion parameters been estimated.


Xi Wang, [email protected]


Anders, S. and Huber, W. (2010) Differential expression analysis for sequence count data, Genome Biol, 11, R106.

See Also

getGeneCount, DENBTest, DENBStat4GSEA


data(RCS_example, package="SeqGSEA")
geneCounts <- getGeneCount(RCS_example)
label <- label(RCS_example)
DEG <- runDESeq(geneCounts, label)

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