distance.marqueurs: distance of markers

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The function gives the distance of each marker to the first marker. It can be viewed as an internal function. The user does not have to call it by himself.





numeric vector of length=(number of markers-1) giving the distance between two consecutive markers on all the chromosome.


the returned valueis a numeric vector of length=number of markers containing the positions of each marker from the beginning of the chromosome.


S. Dejean, N. Oumouhou, D. Estivals, B. Mangin


publication to be submitted: C. Cierco-Ayrolles, S. Dejean, A. Legarra, H. Gilbert, T. Druet, F. Ytournel, D. Estivals, N. Oumouhou and B. Mangin. Combining linkage analysis and linkage disequilibrium for QTL fine mapping in animal pedigrees.

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