Man pages for RaceID
Identification of Cell Types and Inference of Lineage Trees from Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

barplotgeneGene Expression Barplot
branchcellsDifferential Gene Expression between Links
CCcorrectDimensional Reduction by PCA or ICA
cellsfromtreeExtract Cells on Differentiation Trajectory
clustdiffgenesInference of differentially expressed genes in a cluster
clustexpClustering of single-cell transcriptome data
clustheatmapPlotting a Heatmap of the Distance Matrix
compdistComputing a distance matrix for cell type inference
compentropyCompute transcriptome entropy of each cell
compfrComputation of a two dimensional Fruchterman-Rheingold...
compmedoidsComputes Medoids from a Clustering Partition
comppvalueComputing P-values for Link Significance
compscoreCompute StemID2 score
comptsneComputation of a two dimensional t-SNE representation
diffexpnbFunction for differential expression analysis
diffgenesCompute Expression Differences between Clusters
filterdataData filtering
findoutliersInference of outlier cells and final clustering
getfdataExtracting filtered expression data
getprojExtract Projections of all Cells from a Cluster
imputeexpImputed expression matrix
intestinalDataSingle-cell transcriptome data of intestinal epithelial cells
intestinalDataSmallSingle-cell transcriptome data of intestinal epithelial cells
lineagegraphInference of a Lineage Graph
LtreeThe Ltree Class
plotbackgroundPlot Background Model
plotdiffgenesBarplot of differentially expressed genes
plotdiffgenesnbFunction for plotting differentially expressed genes
plotdimsatPlotting the Saturation of Explained Variance
plotdistanceratioHistogram of Cell-to-Cell Distances in Real versus Embedded...
plotexpmapHighlighting gene expression in the t-SNE map
plotgraphStemID2 Lineage Graph
plotjaccardPlot Jaccard Similarities
plotlabelsmapPlot labels in the t-SNE map
plotlinkpvHeatmap of Link P-values
plotlinkscoreHeatmap of Link Scores
plotmapPlotting a t-SNE map
plotmarkergenesPlotting a Heatmap of Marker Gene Expression
plotoutlierprobsPlot Outlier Probabilities
plotprojectionsTwo-Dimensional Map of Cell Projections
plotsaturationPlot Saturation of Within-Cluster Dispersion
plotsensitivityPlot Sensitivity
plotsilhouettePlot Cluster Silhouette
plotspantreeMinimum Spanning Tree of RaceID3 clusters
plotsymbolsmapPlotting groups as different symbols in the t-SNE map
projbackCompute Cell Projections for Randomized Background...
projcellsCompute transcriptome entropy of each cell
projenrichmentEnrichment of cells on inter-cluster links
rfcorrectRandom Forests-based Reclassification
SCseqThe SCseq Class
varRegressionLinear Regression of Sources of Variability
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