getInitial: Get Initial Parameter Estimates

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Get Initial Parameter Estimates


This function evaluates initial parameter estimates for a nonlinear regression model. If data is a parameterized data frame or pframe object, its parameters attribute is returned. Otherwise the object is examined to see if it contains a call to a selfStart object whose initial attribute can be evaluated.


getInitial(object, data, ...)



a formula or a selfStart model that defines a nonlinear regression model


a data frame in which the expressions in the formula or arguments to the selfStart model can be evaluated


optional additional arguments


A named numeric vector or list of starting estimates for the parameters. The construction of many selfStart models is such that these "starting" estimates are, in fact, the converged parameter estimates.


José Pinheiro and Douglas Bates

See Also

nls, selfStart, selfStart.default, selfStart.formula. Further, nlsList from nlme.


PurTrt <- Puromycin[ Puromycin$state == "treated", ]
print(getInitial( rate ~ SSmicmen( conc, Vm, K ), PurTrt ), digits = 3)