Foreign-internal: Internal Versions of the Foreign Function Interface

Foreign-internalR Documentation

Internal Versions of the Foreign Function Interface


Internal versions of .Call and .External.

Usage, ..., PACKAGE), ..., PACKAGE)
        .External2(.NAME, ..., PACKAGE)



a character string giving the name of a C function or Fortran subroutine, or an object of class "NativeSymbolInfo", "RegisteredNativeSymbol" or "NativeSymbol" referring to such a name.


arguments to be passed to the foreign function.


see the corresponding argument of .Call.


The .graphics versions of .Call and .External are used when calling code which makes low-level graphics calls. They take additional steps to ensure that the device driver display lists are updated correctly.

.External2 is an enhanced version of .External which passes additional information in more arguments. is used in package grid and and .External2 are used in package graphics.

These are primitive functions.


An R object.

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