ISOdatetime: Date-time Conversion Functions from Numeric Representations

ISOdatetimeR Documentation

Date-time Conversion Functions from Numeric Representations


Convenience wrappers to create date-times from numeric representations.


ISOdatetime(year, month, day, hour, min, sec, tz = "")
ISOdate(year, month, day, hour = 12, min = 0, sec = 0, tz = "GMT")


year, month, day

numerical values to specify a day.

hour, min, sec

numerical values for a time within a day. Fractional seconds are allowed.


A time zone specification to be used for the conversion. "" is the current time zone and "GMT" is UTC. Invalid values are most commonly treated as UTC, on some platforms with a warning.


ISOdatetime and ISOdate are convenience wrappers for strptime that differ only in their defaults and that ISOdate sets UTC as the time zone. For dates without times it would normally be better to use the "Date" class.

The main arguments will be recycled using the usual recycling rules.

Because these make use of strptime, only years in the range 0:9999 are accepted.


An object of class "POSIXct".

See Also

DateTimeClasses for details of the date-time classes; strptime for conversions from character strings.